Illamasqua Precision Ink


This year I have a slight obsession with eyeliners. My only issue is the price of a really good one. £20 seems to be the going rate and I really can’t get down with spending this amount of money! Especially when I have to have ALL the colours!

Unfortunately however, you just cannot scrimp on a good eyeliner. Especially if you love a big ass cat flick like myself. My criteria for a fab eyeliner is:

  1. Precision nib
  2. Good consistency that’s easy to apply
  3. Stays put and doesn’t smudge, flake or fade
  4. Good colour pay-off


This little beaut definitely ticks all the boxes. Illamasqua never fail to deliver with their theatrical inspired line of cosmetics. You can always be assured that any product you buy from them will be beautifully pigmented and have incredible staying power!

Now although this isn’t my all time fave eyeliner, it is right near the top of my list of faves. The colours that Precision Ink comes in are beautiful and so varied. My only issue is the £20 price tag. There is a way round this though, wait for the sales! I usually pick mine up when the sales start and they are around £8 each, that’s a massive saving and a pretty good price for such a fab product.

This time I went for Havoc and Glister. Havoc is a gorgeous rich plum shade and looks great all year round. Glister on the other hand is a sparkly nude colour that I use to provide accents to a glamorous eye look.


from left to right: Havoc and Glister

So guys, have you used the precision inks? What do you think of them? Or do you have another fave that you think I should try? Let me know in the comments below.

Sonya D x

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