Glossybox Review: Feb 2015


Holy crap, I can have a tendency to be a little on the late side from time to time, but a whole month with this post is probably a record for me! If I didn’t also have a tendency to air on the side of being slightly OCD then I would probably have left it. I can’t however have a February shaped hole in my Glossybox reviews.

Not only can I not bear to miss a review, there’s also the fact that this box was pretty fantastic! I have got to take off my hat to Glossy, they have really upped their game since Christmas. Long may the endless nail products and crappy perfume samples stay buried! K then, on with the review…

IMG_3891So Susan Rose Quartet Lip & Cheek PaletteSo Susan are getting quite the debut from Glossy. I have loved all their previous products. This one not so much though! The packaging had so much potential with its sleek black palette and rose gold detail. Unfortunately however it was just too small and plasticky. The four colours are pretty cute and the fact that you can use them on your lip or cheek is kinda nice, buuuuuuuut, the amount supplied is ridiculously tiny and honestly too fidgety to use. I reckon this’ll be handed down to my niece to play with!



MARSK Mineral Eyeshadow Fifty Shades – Upon first inspection I wasn’t blown away by the MARSK packaging and felt a little underwhelmed by this little pot of mineral pigment. Upon swatching it though, oh my! It is soooooooo intense and lovely, I can imagine applied with a wet brush it would be like a liquid metal. Kudos on the name too. #blush

IMG_3896B Cosmetics Mascara – As far as drugstore mascaras go, this is a pretty fantastic one. I have never ever found a great drugstore mascara until Glossy sent me this little beauty. I have worn it most days since receiving it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not my first choice for a night on the town but for a day time look it’s perfect!


Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk – I’ve used the Hydro Silk razors before and absolutely love them. Getting one free in my Glossybox is fab. What girl doesn’t need plenty of razors? Ssssh, don’t tell the boys!

IMG_3872 IMG_3874


Royal Apothic Tinties – This is definitely the crowning jewel of February’s Glossybox. As soon as I opened this gorgeous little box to find the rose gold and glass apothecary looking tub I was smitten. Unfortunately for me so was my Mum. In the end I had to give it to her, sob! From what she tells me it’s lovely lip butter too!

So guys sorry about my late show, in my defence I started my new job in Feb so was very distracted. Hope you guys enjoyed your Feb boxes as much as I did. It’ll probably only be a couple of days until March’s offering is here. I’m eagerly awaiting my “Your Glossybox is on its way” email! How about you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Sonya D x

2 thoughts on “Glossybox Review: Feb 2015

  1. Your Glossybox was fantastic – I only received one of the same products (I reviewed my box here: and it was the lip butter – which is fantastic, your mom is so right! That Marsk pigment looks gorgeous as well! Great review – I just love seeing what other’s received.

    ♥ Savannah //

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