Oscars 2015: The Fashion

Oh it’s my favourite time of the year again and I can hardy contain my excitement. Last night about a bijillion beads sparkled on the most famous red carpet in all of the land. As every glam squad in LA lay exhausted in hotel suits and limousines, the divas they had worked so hard to perfect strutted their stuff and posed up a storm in front of the Dolby Theatre.

Now I want to put a little disclaimer out there before I begin… This was not my favourite Oscar’s red carpet! Gasp! When I sit down to watch ‘E’s live from the red carpet’ with my fizz, I have an agenda. Firstly I settle in to see how fab the E presenters are decked out, they always, always pull it off! Then I start getting excited watching the guests arrive. When we’re about 40 minutes in I get really, REALLY excited to see the BIG stars. By this point you can usually see the recurring themes of the evening and this is the point I start guessing what designers and looks the starlets may go for. Last night it was very evident that it was a year of ponytails, statement necklaces, dramatic thigh high splits, bold lips, beads and surprisingly…brushed up brows! Who knew?

Now like I say, this wasn’t my fave Oscar’s carpet. Why? Because I felt a little let down by some of my favourite red carpet icons. There are a few ladies I can always rely on (or so I thought) to take my breath away. Most notably Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett.

Two of my three fave red carpet icons, Nicole and Gwyneth absolutely dropped the ball last night. The third Cate only just avoided my so so list. What in the hell?

So my lovelies enough of my chunnering on, let’s have a little look at the gowns…


oscars7Gwyneth Paltrow in Ralph and Russo Couture – oh I don’t want to be a hater but gurl is giving me bridesmaid. I mean that fitted dress on that amazing body is divine, but that corsage…

oscars11Nicole Kidman in Louis Vuitton – oh my… I don’t know if it’s the red belt, shiny holographic material or caboodles looking clutch that should be put in the bin first. Nicole, how did this disaster happen?

oscars12Anna Kendrick in Thakoon – OK first things first. This dress fits like a dream and was a lovely concept. The problem definitely lies in the colour. Khloe Kardashian commented on the dress last night and was of the opinion that this is definitely NOT an Oscar colour, but more of a prom/wedding colour. I 100% agree!

oscars14Lady GaGa in Azzedine Alaïa – it actually pains me to put this dress on the worst list. It is so beautiful and flawless, why in the world did they give it to Lady GaGa who ruined it with those gloves? Imagine this dress on Scarlett Johansson or Emily Blunt!

oscars22Kerry Washington in Mui Mui – I can’t even comment apart from to say…Peplum? Huh?

oscars25Cheryl Hines – this may be appropriate for the Vanity Fair after party but in my humble opinion, definitely not for the red carpet! Then there are those shoes…

oscars29Lorelei Linklater in Gabriela Cadena – I can honestly say that this is my worst pic of the night. This would’ve looked dreadful even on a 90’s Oscar red carpet. Sorry lovely but definitely not a good look.

So So

oscars8Julianne Moore in Chanel  – every man and his dog knew full well that Julianne was a sure fire bet for taking home the Best Actress statue last night. When I heard Karl Lagerfeld had dressed Ms Moore I couldn’t wait to see the outcome. For me though it didn’t quite work. Such a shame, but even so she looked beautiful.

oscars9Jessica Chastain in Givenchy – I seriously cannot get enough of this gorgeous girl. Jessica has been amazing to watch this awards season. This indigo gown is absolutely stunning but still, something was missing for me.

oscars5Keira Knightley in Valentino – I love, love, love the silhouette of this gown. The pattern however, not so much! When Keira announced her pregnancy I eagerly anticipated how she would dress her bump. In every day life she has been looking pretty incredible. On the red carpet however not so much.

oscars16Naomi Watts in Armani Privé – my only issue with this gown is the  backless/boob tube combo. Again this was more of an after party look for me.

oscars17Zoe Saldana in Atelier Versace – I have mixed emotions about this dress. Firstly Zoe looks incredible in it. Her figure,  hair, makeup, everything is incredible. Again my issue here is the colour. If this was a really vivid colour I think Zoe would definitely be at the top of my best dressed list.

oscars19Chrissy Teigen in Zuhair Murad – like Chrissy I love me a shear beaded gown. This however is a little much for me. I know they say if you’ve got it flaunt it, but damn gurl, all that leg and boob action. One or the other!

oscars23Felicity Jones in Alexander McQueen – I have so many mixed feeling about this gown. It truly is a fashion piece. The top is divine and the skirt is giving me old Hollywood. The two together though are just not working for me.

Looking Lovely

oscars24Cate Blanchett in Mason Margiela by John Galliano – I can’t believe that Cate isn’t among my best dressed. This gown is lovely, it’s just that for me Cate is always, always in my top pics when it comes to red carpet looks. Cate really knows how to dress, so this gown and statement necklace are a little underwhelming. Still I find it amazing that even in one of her worst looks she looks incredible. I wonder if she purposely dressed down as to not over shadow the nominated starlets. Fashion politics at play maybe?

oscras29Faith Hill in J Mendel – seriously Faith looks so incredible. That gown is gorgeous enough but then add in that diamond pendant and you have perfection!

oscras19Scarlett Johansson in Versace – green was definitely a theme for last nights red carpet. I love this gorgeous rich emerald gown and statement necklace on Scarlet. Gurl definitely knows how to work the carpet!

oscars27Laura Dern in Alberta Ferretti – when you’re nominated you gots to make sure that you pull something amazing out of the bag and Laura sure did. How incredible does she look in this metal gown that hugs every inch of her body perfectly?!

oscars3Jennifer Aniston in Versace – if there’s one thing I can say about Jen, it’s that she’s never over done. I love how she donned this show stopping gown, left her hair natural and didn’t bother with hardly any jewellery. Mind you if I had that body I would let my dress take centre of attention too.

oscars2Rosamund Pike in Givenchy – As if a body that incredible even exists. Just look at her! Red dress and shoes could potentially look a little trashy but Rosamud pulled it off perfectly.

oscars1Jennifer Lopez in Elie Saab – I love Elie Saab so much. If I had ridiculous amounts of money and the inclination to get married I would only want Mr Saab to design my gown.The only reason Jen isn’t on my best list is that neckline is just a bit too low for my liking.


oscars6Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford – now that is a nominated actresses dress! I don’t think Reese could look any more perfect if she tried. Again Reese knows how to ensure she’s not over done. Notice how she has left the jewellery at a minimum and let that amazing dress take centre stage.

oscars10Anna Faris in Zuhair Murad – when I saw Anna step on the carpet I was blown away. Initially the poor girl had to bunch it all up to avoid it getting sodden in the LA rain. Once she let the skirt fall I was amazed at how beautiful it was. Definitely my fave red carpet look from Anna so far!

oscars20Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein Collection – come on it was a given that the amazing Lupita was going to look incredible. Apparently her gown is made up over 6000 beads. Perfection, as always!

oscars26Margot Robbie in Saint Lauren – best dressed, best makeup, best body. I am so flipping jealous of Margot. She is seriously incredible isn’t she?!

oscars30Jamie Chung in Yanina Couture – I absolutely love this gown on Jamie. There was nothing else like it on last nights carpet and something tells me that it will have looked even more amazing in person.

oscars21Dakota Johnson in Saint Lauren – I mean… just look at her!

oscars4Emma Stone in Elie Saab – for me this is one of the most beautiful gowns on last nights carpet. The colour is so unusual, the fit is perfect and that bead work, ummmmmm!

So my lovelies, that’s my take on last nights red carpet looks. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below. Tomorrow I’ll be posting my top beauty looks from last nights awards so look out for that.

Sonya D x

All pictures are courtesy of Eonline

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