Benefit’s Roller Lash


Last month I heard the news that Benefit were launching a new mascara. Queue me running round my house with my shirt over my head! I am a massive fan of Benefit mascaras, especially the cult favourite ‘They’re Real’. This is my absolute fave ‘lazy day’ mascara. When I can’t be bothered curling my lashes and want a bit of volume and curl I slick this on and hey presto, great lashes. It’s only flaw is how flipping hard it is to get off!

When I heard that the rumours were true and Benefit were launching a new mascara, especially for curling stubbornly straight lashes I was excited. Then I heard that Elle would be including samples with their Feb issue. I literally ran out and snapped up a copy on release day, got home and put my new ‘miracle’ mascara to good use. Want to know what I thought?…

IMG_3188 IMG_3191IMG_3192Firstly the packaging is beautiful. Rose gold/copper accents on a black tube make it look like a truly luxury item. It still has that lovely 50’s pin-up type theme that is fitting and reflective of the Benefit brand. The brush is designed to mimic a roller with a little curve to help give your lashes a little zhuzh! Here’s what Elle had to say about its potential…

So what sets it apart from other mascaras? For a start, it’s curling to the point you won’t have to use eyelash curlers again, and it makes your lashes look inconceivably long. It really does work. The brush was styled on old-school Velcro hair rollers, so the flexible wand has small rubber hooks that gently grab your lashes and curl them as you go.

For me it failed to deliver though! I have stubbornly straight lashes and if I don’t use a curler the only mascara that lifts them even a little is Benefit’s They’re Real. The Roller Lash unfortunately didn’t come anywhere close to its predecessors amazingness.

The texture is lovely, the brush nice, it did give me a little extra length but definitely no curl, not even one little bit. Over all I am grateful that Elle gave out the samples because it saved me buying it. Now if you have curly lashes already or are willing to use it alongside your curlers then you’ll probs like it. For something that is marketed as an amazing lash curling mascara however, nope! Sorry it didn’t cut the mustard!

So guys have you tried it or plan too? Let me know what your thoughts are, especially my fellow straight lashed ladies and gents.

Sonya D x


8 thoughts on “Benefit’s Roller Lash

  1. Hi Sonya,

    It looks so amazing….I really want it !!
    Could you send me a picture of its ingredient list please ?


  2. Hi Sonya,

    Thank you so much for your help !! I didn’t think about that before…!!!

    It was a real pleasure…! Never more…


  3. Oh no! As the owner of pin straight lashes, I’m sad to hear this! I have my sample to try but think I’ll be disappointed- but then I didn’t like They’re Real either- not volume sing enough for me. Sad times!

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