Golden Globes 2015 Makeup | Top 10 from the red carpet

I can’t quite believe I’m only just getting round to this post! It’s been a busy old week (or two) for me so please excuse my tardiness. Anywho I’ve pinned my best and worst dressed celebs at the Globes, if you wanna see them click the links to check my pics out on Pintrest.

This year I really wanted to have a look at the best makeup on the red carpet. The fabulous or horrifying frocks tend to take centre stage, usually overshadowing the hours of work that go into the beauty looks. Plus it’s not often we see famous faces made up to perfection and un-airbrushed. It’s quite refreshing to see that celebs have pores, wrinkles and shiny skin too.  Now I don’t say that to hate, simply to highlight that even after hours of hard work, £100’s worth of lotions, potions and makeup, these ‘flaws’ are still present! Because they are humans beings people, not the smooth skinned, blurry aliens that magazines would have you believe! Take solace that those pesky pores, stray brow hairs and crinkly eyes happen to everyone, regardless of how much makeup we slap on. Don’t mean ya aint beautiful gurl!

Right then, let’s get into this thang. I’ll be starting my countdown backwards, working my way to the No.1 beauty look from the Globes 2015 red carpet. Ready, set, GO…

10. Kate Hudson – Never mind ‘almost famous’, with this look she’s almost perfect. Kate’s skin is stunning, her nude lips are just the right shade and her shimmery eyes look, well this is where the ‘almost prefect’ comes in. The eyeshadow is gorgeous but… the lashes, or lack there of just weren’t doing it for me. Now I’m not saying she needed a big ass power lash but a little natural flutter wouldn’t go a miss to bring out those beautiful eyes.

gg119 Anna Kendrick – Face on this look is killer. Her perfect dewy skin is a lesson in why this is the key beauty trend this season. The brows, the lips, the blush… all perfect! My only issue is the stark white liner on the waterline. Dressed up in that fabulous nude/berry gown that was surely the best of the night, her MUA should have opted for a nude liner to pull the eye look together with a little more subtlety. One other detail that just wasn’t doing it for me was that bun. I know buns were definitely a theme for the evening but hers was a little lumpy and ugly. I am being extremely picky here though, I mean she looked absolutely stunning. It was just those two details that distracted me a little.

gg128. Amal Clooney – Can this woman get any more perfect? Charlotte Tilburry created her flawless look, and what a look. Everything looked so incredible and distracted from those white Cinderella-esque gloves, hey even perfect women make mistakes from time to time! I have one incy wincy little critique, well apart from the gloves, those brows. Just a bit too over arched for me. Amal get down to Anastasia Beverley Hills and have her create more of a natural arch and you will be unstoppable gurl! PS: Kudos on the nude liner in the waterline, see how much better it looks than white?!

gg57. Emily Blunt – Editorial is definitely Emily’s new look. Her bronze/cranberry liner-less eye, perfect skin and muted coral lip is so current and perfect for her beautiful features, I’m jeal!

gg66. Kate Beckinsale – There’s two lessons to be learnt here. Firstly if you don’t overdo your brows they wont take over your face and your beautiful skin and eyes will pop so much more, just like Kate’s. Secondly pores are normal! That’s right, even Miss Beckinsale has them and she still looks phenomenal!

gg195. Lupita Nyong’o – Lets just stop a minute to revel in the amazingness that is Lupita! Makeup colour blocking is definitely in this season and look to Lupita to see how to pull it off perfectly!

gg184. Kerry Washington – I meeeeeaaaaaaan… personally I think Kerry is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. I would love to be able to do her makeup. Whoever her MUA is has nailed this look. Again perfect dewy skin is in full force here, along with a stunning smokey eye and a lesson on how to pair a smokey eye with a subtle pop of colour on the lips!

gg93. Jessica Chastain – From what I hear Kristofer Buckle from YSL created this incredible look. The metallic smokey eyes take centre stage whilst Jessica’s feminine features are left neautral. Absolute perfection!

gg202. Alison Williams – Faux bob, check. Bad Ass smokey eye, check. Perfect brows,check. Flawless skin, check. Alison smashed it on Globes night!

gg211. Jenna Dewan-Tatum – Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have perfect skin, eyes, lips, hair, makeup, cloths?… I know I have! Well here is that perfect vision in real life…Mrs Channing Tatum herself. Jenna is always stunning, even when she’s on her deathbed in Witches of East End, damn it! Her MUA created the most perfect dewy look, coupled with a gorgeous neutral eye and bad ass power lash! I LOVE IT! Sob!

gg22So there you have it bebes, my fave makeup looks from this years Globes red carpet. Now I don’t wanna be a hater but…there was one lady that didn’t do the occasion or her dress justice. Step forward Ms Lopez…

gg7Now let me start by saying that I love me a smokey eye and nude lip. However, this combo was a big fat flop for me. Sorry Jenny but that eye was far too over done and that lip much too frosty for my liking, plus the brows are patchy in places. Eek! Don’t worry though lady,  you’re still amazing!

Well that’s it for my top pics guys. Did you agree or disagree with my choices? Let me know in the comments below.

Sonya D x

Picture credits: E Online, Glamour Online, Vogue Beauty and Marie Claire.

7 thoughts on “Golden Globes 2015 Makeup | Top 10 from the red carpet

  1. great post! chastain’s eyeshadow is so gorgeous – i think her look was my favorite! i agree with you about jlo but nobody is perfect all the time ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. J.lo’s makeup is usually on point, must have been having an off night. Great looks but I especially love Jessica Chastain’s eye make up, so stunning. I would so love to get my makeup done by a proper pro like that! Xx

    Sarah |

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