MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation



In my professional makeup kit I swear by Graftobian and RCMA foundation palettes. These are ‘theatrical makeup’ products. Highly pigmented, waterproof and stunningly beautiful under harsh lights and camera lenses. Now in my book, for a professional makeover these can’t be beaten. Every now and then however I get a request for a makeover with products that can be bought by everybody. Unfortunately theatre makeup is difficult to get hold of and can be quite pricey, plus it usually comes in the form of palettes which is no good for non-artists. Enter MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation!

Now I aint gonna lie to ya beauties, my absolute fave ‘over the counter’ foundation is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. It’s only problem is its £35 price tag, which for some people is a little steep. So my next fave pick is the fabulous Face & Body Foundation from MAC. It comes in at £21.50 for 50ml and is worth every penny!

First off it has no SPF so is perfect for bridal or TV work. In case you didn’t know there are certain products that you have to be careful about using when cameras are involved. SPF being top of the list. Any product with an SPF higher than 8 will have light reflecting qualities that cause flashback under camera lights. The result, a ghostly white/grey looking you in your perfectly posed snaps.

MAC Face and Body has no SPF so will picture perfectly. It is 100% waterproof so will stay put all the live long day (and night) and best of all for you brides, it wont end up smeared all over your precious gown! It is a fab pick for a those of you that want a lovely light weight coverage, and also those of you that need a little more coverage, as it is buildable beyond belief. Simply buff one coat into your skin, wait a few minutes and go for a second or third coat, alternatively you can just build up coats on your problem areas, including those on your body.

All in all this is a pretty fab foundation for anyone that is going to attend a special event where you’re going to be having lots of pics taken. Just be sure to stay out of the sun!

What about you guys, have you tried it? Let me know what your thoughts are on this or any other fab foundations you think may be on par, or better.

Sonya D x

10 thoughts on “MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation

  1. Loved your review, I used this foundation in the past and loved it! And you’re right, the great value for money of the sizes makes it available to everyone! 🙂 xx

    please feel free to cancel my previous comment, pasted a link by mistake! Sorry 🙂

  2. Thx for the info…. But u said stay out of sun.., why so??? Does foundation reacts this way??? Or what???

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