I HEART Christmas Decs…

Today I took a quiz and one of the questions was; which do you prefer, christmas presents or christmas decorations? I always thought I would answer presents but having stopped to think about it for a minute I think decorations win hands down.

My other half will not get involved in the madness that is my decorations, other than to get them out of the loft, all 20(ish) boxes of them! Every year he says “no more Sonya, promise?!” HaHa this year I have kind of kept my promise and have only added one beautiful cinderella pumpkin carriage. In fact I didn’t even buy it my Mum did as part of my Christmas present, so definitely not my fault ;O)

My decorations take a ridiculously long time to put up buuuuuut, they are so worth it! Sitting by my tree, with a gorgeous hot chocolate whilst watching the Polar Express is my fave thing to do at Christmas. This year however I have a little Christmas tree monster in the form of my new puppy Belle. She has made it her mission to try to kill my tree’s and I fear she may succeed before the holiday season is out. So guys if you fancy a little peek at my display scroll on…


c3 c4 c5 c6 c7 c9 c10 c11 c12


c16 c17 IMG_8629After nosing at tours of people’s makeup collections, nosing at people’s Christmas decs is definitely my fave thing to do. If you’ve posted yours please leave me a link so I can have a good old shifty :O)

Sonya D x

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