There’s no candle better than a DIPTYQUE candle!

IMG_8685Watch any Vogue documentary or go to any exclusive bar in London and you will see Diptyque candles burning. Now years back I used to think they were just for show, I mean yes they are beautiful to look at but at £40 a pop, worth it? Absolutely!

I was gifted this baby back in spring. My favourite perfume is Diptyques’s Do Son, which has undertones of Tubéreuse. It was a no brainer then that my fave candle would without a doubt be Tubéreuse. The smell is so yummy and there really is nothing like it. Diptyque describe it as “Enigmatic and beguiling, this heady flower deploys its captivating sensuality at dusk”. 

This is seriously one of those times I wish someone had invented ‘smellovision’ so you could experience how distinctly beautiful it smells. This small little candle is so strong that even when it isn’t lit its aroma fills any room you leave it in, yet somehow it never over-powers you. I have been burning mine quite regularly since April and I still have a good bit left. Once its finished however it’ll have pride of place on my dressing table as a makeup brush holder.

Really guys, I know that £40 seems crazy for a candle, and it’s not a price you would often pay for a simple household object. To say this is a treat though is an understatement! If you have a candle fanatic in your life that you love enough to shell out for one of these, then do it! You will make their Christmas!

Have you tried anything from the Diptyque range? If so pray tell, what’s your fave?

Sonya D x

11 thoughts on “There’s no candle better than a DIPTYQUE candle!

  1. Agree, these candles are everywhere on fashion/beauty blogs, as well as on famous magazines. Don’t know yet if they’re so much better than others or only a trend though…

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