Glossybox Review: Dec 2014

IMG_8641I have been waiting with bated breath for my Christmas Glossybox. The seasonal offerings from glossy are usually are roaring success in my house. Unfortunately for me this years fell flat on it’s face.

Usually packed full of fabulous items to help you get party ready, the Christmas box is generally the best of year. This year however I was slightly underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, just not fabulous! Anyhow fancy a peak at what I got?…

So Susan Cosmetics – Dual Brow Powder

IMG_8657 IMG_8655First up the lovely So Susan Dual Brow Powder. I have been mightily impressed with every other So Susan product I have received from glossy so I expect that this will be no exception. I am actually eager to put this to test and report back, so watch this space.

SKINPEP – Wrinkle Clear Peptide Serum

IMG_8659SKINPEP seem to be a big hit over at glossy. Now I find their prices a bit lot over inflated. A full size (50ml) tub of this stuff will set you back £44.99, jeepers! Considering that they tell you to massage it into a moist face and ‘décolletage’ area morning and night, I can’t see that 50ml will get us very far! I am open to my mind being changed however, I will be expecting miracles for that price though!

TRESemmé Renewal Hair and Scalp 60 Second Treatment Shots

IMG_8661This is a full size product that retails at £5.50 for four treatments. Each little tube is infused with tea tree exact and sunflower seed oil and claims to help nourish your hair and scalp. At this time of year when dry skin is a big pain in the ass for lots of people it may be just what we need. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Anatomicals Zap! Zap! Zap! Gets that chap. Day and Night Spot Stick 

IMG_8669Lucky for me  I don’t get spots, because (unlucky for me) I have extremely dry skin. As a consequence I can’t really use this so it’s something that I would like to pop in a gift box for someone, because Anatomicals products are usually the bomb diggity. I don’t think I can very well gift it to someone though, for fear of offending them. I guess it’s destined to live in my draw. until the rare occasion a spot appears. For those of you that do suffer with those pesky pimples this may be just the ticket. Anatomicals say…

Day and Night Spot Stick for Zits and Dots. This little double ended product is a hero, it has a day time formula and an evening formula to work on the spots all day long. The key ingredients are tea tree oil and witch hazel.

If you’ve  tried it guys let me know how you get on.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Cheek & Lip Stain

IMG_8666 IMG_8671Now normally I love,love, love Bellapierre products. I was mega excited to crack this baby open and swatch it. Upon doing so however I found it a little lacklustre. Unfortunately the pigment is a little lacking and the texture a little on the greasy side. It may work nice as a subtle tinted lip balm but it didn’t float my bloat in the blusher department.

Well that’s my first impressions for this months glossy box. Unfortunately it wasn’t a patch on last years box. Come on glossy up your game, I’m expecting great things from you in the new year! How about you guys, did you love or hate your Christmas box?

Sonya D x

8 thoughts on “Glossybox Review: Dec 2014

  1. Disappointed too. I got a lip balm in place of your brow product. I knew it wasn’t a good sign when I realised how light the box was. I held off reading your review until I got my box today but I agree it’s not one of the better boxes.

    • A lot of people seem to be un-subscribing this month. I’ll probably do my usual thing of giving them one more month and then they’ll do a really great one and they’ll win me back! xx

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