Swarovski Manicure


A few weeks ago I attended a winter wonderland ball in aid of my local East Cheshire Hospice. I spent ages planning every little detail for the big night. Something I usually always over look in my haze of hair and makeup are my nails.

Somehow I always seem to run out of time to perfect my manicure. That’s why for the ball I decided to prepare a pre-made Swarovski press on set. It’s pretty simple to do and depending on how steady your hand is shouldn’t take too long.

You will need:

  1. Elegant Touch – totally bare press on nails
  2. Clear nail polish
  3. Silvery/glittery iridescent nail polish
  4. Star Gazer Glitter in Hologram
  5. Swarovski Crystals
  6. Nail Glue



1. The Elegant Touch totally bare press on nails come ready to paint. Inside the pack is an amazing glue and a huge amount of nails. You simply need to size your nails and then get painting. I went for a base coat of a lovely glistening silver/iridescent varnish. Mines an old M&S Autograph varnish called Crystal. A perfect alternative is OPI’s HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.

IMG_85442. I then mixed some glitter with a clear nail varnish and then painted this on one side of the nails. My glitter’s Stargazer’s Hologram which is a great dupe for MAC’S 3D Silver.

IMG_85543. The last little job before applying the nails to your fingers is to glue on a few little crystals. One of my hobbies is crystallising so I fortunately have a lot of Swarovski crystals knocking around. If you want to get your hands on some crystals I would always, always recommend Swarovski’s. They catch the light like no other crystal can owing to their 12 facet cut. The only thing that comes close are Preciosa’s, they too are beautiful but not a patch on Swarovski. If you want to get your hands on Swarovski’s have a look at Beads and Crystals little bags of non-hot fix crystals. If however you want to go with the slightly cheaper option of Preciosa’s then you should check out Crystal Parade. The smaller the crystal you use the blingier it will be. You don’t want to go too small though. Anything from an SS6 – SS10 will suffice. I like a mix of sizes to give a nice looking texture so I go for a few sizes.



There are a few special glues that you can purchase for applying your crystals. They are designed not to rot the back of the crystals. As you are applying them to either press on nails or your own nails I would recommend you only ever use nail glue for this job. To pick the crystals up you can pop a little beeswax or blu tack on the end of a stick. Once you have placed your crystals leave the nails to set for a good 30 minutes.

4. You then simply need to press your nails on and you’re good to go. I have to warn you though that the glue provided with the Elegant Touch totally bare nails is really, really strong. I applied a small amount and pressed my nail on, before it was even in position it was dry and I could not move the nail for love nor money! Make sure you get your nails in the right place the first time guys!


Et Voilà, the finished product. I went for a crystal/iridescent colour scheme that wouldn’t clash with my dress on the night. You can go for any combination though, especially with the party season fast approaching!

Sonya D x

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