Winter Wonderland Ball

Some of you may know that a charity very dear to my heart is the East Cheshire Hospice. One of my closest friends and family members Sarah attends their day centre and the benefit she reaps is immeasurable. The work the hospice does is so incredible, as a nurse they give me so much inspiration and show me how much difference we can make in people’s lives. On a personal level I am eternally grateful for the love and compassion they have and continue to show one of best friends, at the hardest time of her life. The difference they make is very difficult to put into words. Sarah however has nailed it, so if you have a minute please have a read of this amazing women’s story!

This Friday over 250 women and just 50 men descended upon Cranage Hall to celebrate at the What Women Want Ball. The theme this year was ‘Winter Wonderland’ and the aim was to raise as much money and awareness as possible for the East Cheshire Hospice.

I have to take this opportunity to congratulate the organisers on a job well done. The night was so amazing, with special attention paid to every detail. There were prizes aplenty from many, many kind donors. Fabulous food set us up for the night and then fabulous music kicked the night off with a bang!

I have to admit though that my fave part of the night was the very touching speech Sarah gave. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place after she had finished telling us exactly why the hospice was such a special place, and how they have helped to bring her back to herself!

As myself and Sarah have been planning every fine detail of our hair, makeup, nails and outfits for the last six months, I had to take a LOT of pictures to make sure I documented every detail.

Our day started early at the hotel with a lovely catch up over coffee. Then it was down to business for me. I had four people’s makeup to complete before the night began. I started with Sarah, who looked so beautiful and glamorous in her flowing white gown and glitzy accessories.

w9After Sarah was sorted I started on myself. I went for a silver sparkly eye and threw my rollers in to try to achieve a subtle Hollywood curl.

w4 IMG_1360

Next up was Mum who wanted a brown smokey eye and elegant up do.

w7 IMG_1317Once everyone else was sorted it was time to throw on our gowns and press on my Swarovski manicured nails (tutorial to follow) and get down to partying.

w8 w15 w27Now may I take this opportunity to say that my dress is over 10 years old. The amount of people who were coming up to me asking if they could take my picture to show their kids, because I looked like Elsa from FROZEN was quite funny. But…she stole my look people!! HaHa anyway, dinner was gorgeous with loads of mixed starters, followed by slow cooked beef and mash and topped off with an exquisite chocolate orange pudding. Mum however requested her fave meal of egg, chips and beans and the lovely people over at Cranage Hall were only too happy to oblige.

w19 w20 w26

After we were all stuffed full of sumptuous food the bidding started on fabulous prizes, silent auctions kicked off and chocolate raffle tickets could be purchased to be in with a chance to win fabulous hampers and even a diamond ring!

w12There was so much going on it would have been easy to be overwhelmed by it all. The organisers however had planned it perfectly and the night flowed fabulously. After dinner there was nothing left to do but dance the night away and take a million pictures…

w24 w29 w30 w32 w31 w34 w35 w36 w37 w40 36Thank you ladies for a truly memorable evening, I can’t wait for next year!

Sonya D x

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