LUSH Lip Scrub

IMG_8492 IMG_8497 IMG_8504This is fo sho one of my fave ever products! I honestly thought that I’d reviewed it before but it appears I haven’t. Go figure!

I’m sure you’ve all read, seen, heard of the LUSH Lip scrubs before now. They are a cult fave amongst us beauty bloggers, and for good reason. Not only do they taste delicious but they work a treat. Throughout the year you can get your hands on lovely little pots of Bubblegum, Mint Julips and Popcorn flavour scrubs. At Christmas though they break out the big guns in the form of Santa’s Lip Scrub!

Holy moly I love this little pot of cola yumminess…

Prime your pout with this moisturising cola-flavoured lip scrub that leaves your lips buffed and ready for Santa Baby – or any other Lush lip tint or balm. Caster sugar, dates and cherries scrub and soften, giving them a taste of Christmas. Dab a little on and buff, licking off the excess.

I was surprised to read there are dates and cherries in there because the only thing I taste when I use it is fizzy cola bottles. Now don’t get me wrong I do love the other flavours but there’s something extra special and yummy about this seasonal version. So special in fact that I stock pile a load of them so I never have to be without it!

K enough about the yummy taste and on to the ‘other’ important stuff, its performance. Believe me when I tell you this stuff is good! Now if you have mega dry/flaky lips then one application will not fix the problem. What you need to do is incorporate this into your regular skin care routine.

In the summer months when dryness isn’t as much of a problem I use this a couple of times a week. In winter though my lips become so dry and chapped I need to use it daily. The texture is so gentle and nourishing that daily use isn’t a problem for me. I would advise you test it out though and see how you get on.

Another important point I need to stress is that this isn’t going to keep your lips supple all on its own. You will need a good balm/moisturiser too. It’s the same principle as caring for your skin really. A daily routine will keep the lips soft and supple and you’ll find your products absorb and/or apply much better.

A 25g pot will set you back £5.50. Now I’ve heard a lot of people questioning if the price is too high. I personally don’t think so. I’ve seen so many other lip products priced much higher than this and a) they don’t work as well and b) don’t last as long. A small pot of this stuff will last you ages. I have had some pots for a year now and it smells just as fresh and tastes just as amazing as one I was gifted last week.

I can’t sing the praises of this stuff enough. It really does live up to the hype. The guys over at LUSH really are on to a winner here. Oh and did you notice they put lovely little love hearts into the mix, so when you’re polishing your pout you get an extra does of love. Cute!

Have you tried the scrubs? If so which are your faves?

Sonya D x

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