These little bars of FUN were a revelation to me. For some reason I’ve never really paid much attention to these colourful little bars of putty like soap. Last time I was in LUSH however I noticed that they were in quite a few of the gift boxes, so thought I should investigate what these interesting little bars are all about.

I was intrigued to find out that they have a multitude of uses. They can be used as shampoo, bubble bath, soap and if you get bored you can have a play at moulding it into funky shapes. Here’s what LUSH say …

Have some fun with this limited edition golden version of our multi-purpose playful wash, here especially for Christmas. Glimmering gold Fun can be a soap, shampoo, a bubble bath or moulded into shimmering shapes. With a toffee-sweet, comforting and cheerful fragrance it shares with Honey I Washed the Kids, bath time will never be boring again.

They come in 7 different varieties. Red, Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow. There are also a snowman and gold bar that have been launched as part of the holiday collection. Each bar is obviously the colour of its name and has its own unique smell. I went for the gold bar that smells so yummy. It’s kind of a mix of honey, caramel and toffee. It smells so inviting, in fact I’d go as far as to say that it’s nearly as nice as my holy grail Laura Mercier Almond and Coconut bath products.

Now I must admit that I had high expectations for the these bars. An all in one product that can do so many things is what we all need. Unfortunately they’re not really the perfect all-rounder. That being said it doesn’t mean that this isn’t a great product. 

OK so first up it falls short in the bubble bath and shampoo category. It just doesn’t foam up enough to create a bath full of bubbles or to lather my hair properly. It does however work incredibly well as a soap. You simply need to break a little bit off, wet it and get to work.


You only need to break a tiny amount of this stuff off to use as a soap. As you wet it and lather it up you’ll notice it melts like butter in your hand. I like to flatten it down and smooth it over my skin like a piece of soap. It feels so soft and leaves my skin all buttery and sweet-smelling. If you find that you have a bit left you can press it back on to the bar for next time, or you can build something out of it you’re bored in your bubble bath.

Now as I said this is marketed as a multi-purpose product that is supposed to be a great all-rounder. For me it isn’t but it is a great soap. For £5.00 you get 200g and I reckon that’ll last ages so it’s definitely worth the money, even if you only use it as a soap. I have to say that this is definitely something that the kids will love as it makes bath time so much FUN!

What about you guys, have you used the FUN bars? If so what is your fave one?

Sonya D x

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