The perfect RED lip!

Oh the perils of being a beauty fanatic. I mean there’s just so much to think about. Perfect brows, nails, skin, makeup, not to mention that perfect red lip. For me red is the nude of the winter months. Whilst my feet crunch over the leaves on the ground, and the wind blows my carefully coifed hair into a frizzy mess, there’s one thing I can always rely on…that perfect lip!

Now a lot of people, myself included sometimes struggle with finding just the right red for them. It’s kind of like the nude (lip) effect. If you go with the wrong colour you can end up looking like a hot mess! So then my dears let me help you out so you don’t end up like this…

img_1113-0Haaaa we’ve all been there, or is it just me?! Anyways as my other half ponders out loud what the hell is wrong with me as they’re all the same colour, I sit intently staring at what shade will suit my skin tone? You will notice that the majority of the shades I have swatched have a bluish undertone, that’s because they suit my cool undertone better than any other shade of red. So let’s have a little look at the different shades and what might suit you…

FAIR/COOL SKIN – Those of us with pink undertones, i.e. cool skin tones, look much better with a red lipstick that has a blue(ish) undertone to it. It sets off our skin perfectly and has the added bonus of making our teeth look lighter. MAC’s Russian Red is the perfect blue-red!

PORCELAIN SKIN – This skin tone definitely calls for something that won’t wash it out. Go for something with a little colour that will warm up the complexion a little. Wine-reds are the perfect colour. Try something like MAC’s Lingering Kiss.

MEDIUM/WARM UNDERTONE – You guys definitely need to shy away from Orange based colours if you want to avoid looking sallow skinned. Go for a true red shade that will make you look radiant. MAC RED is perfect. Alternatively you can pick a colour with a slight blue undertone to stop you looking sallow.

DARK SKIN TONES – The red world really is your oyster. To absolutely nail it though go for a beautiful orange-toned red like MAC’s Chili or Lady Danger, or a very deep blue-toned red like MAC’s Sin. If you want something a little different though you could go for a pink-based colour like MAC’s Damn Glamorous!

Now with all that being said red lipsticks are easier to pull off than nudes. The ideas above are the general rules of thumb but you don’t have to stick by them! For instance if you have cool undertones and fair skin you would normally go for a blue-red. You can however go for an orange-red which will really pop with your skin tone. If you are going to make it work though you have to pay attention to the details!

Make sure you balance out the look with great eyes. Go for fab eyeliner and beautiful full lashes. You can even add some eyeshadow but keep it neutral. Remember that the key to pulling off a red lip is elegance. Then you need to ensure that you create a beautiful sharp lip. I either outline with a matching liner, or apply my lipstick with a brush and then apply YSL’s Touche Éclat around my lips to create a defined look. Keep it neat people, the Courtney Love look is not a good one!

A couple of days ago I was on the hunt for the perfect red for the upcoming festive season. I swatched like a million lipsticks and finally came up with my perfect combo. MAC’s VIVA GLAM Rihanna lipstick and Lipglass…


vivaglamSo guys do tell, what are your perfect reds? Do you stick to the rules or go with something a little different?

Sonya D x


8 thoughts on “The perfect RED lip!

  1. I like reds with orange undertones cause they bring out my eyes haha I’ve even read that orange reds bring out brown eyes too xx

  2. I have a cool undertone and I guess I never realised it until now but the lipsticks I pick (I was shopping for red ones earlier) fit your description and there’s colours which are beautiful but don’t suit me and now it all makes sense! xxx

  3. Haha, that hand of swatch doom looks mighty familiar! I love bright, orangey reds but I have warm skin – my faves are Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Rebelle or Lady Danger. But lately I’ve been going for dark, vampish reds. In fact, this week I found the most beautiful dark red that was a total bargain too… coming soon! x
    Sarah |

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