A big thank you to LUSH!

lushIt’s official Christmas has started in my house! I’m renowned for completing my Christmas chores early so I can enjoy Dec with my nearest and dearest.  Now I know this sounds a little cray but I hate trying to fight off the crowds in Dec. Trying to grab at the over priced box sets that are basically what you can buy all year round anyway,  minus the box and a lot cheaper, is my idea of torture!

There is however one exception to my box set rule…LUSH! Ahhhh LUSH, you gorgeous things. Guys everything these guys make is beautiful. I love their handmade goodies so much, and I find it hard to narrow down what to get my loved ones from their massive range of products.

Step forward their thoughtfully put together box sets. They are so imaginative, fun and pretty, yet reasonable at the same time. Plus the box they come in can usually be used again instead of being chucked in the bin along with the other millions the bin men have to shift in the new year.

Another thing that never ceases to amaze me is how friendly and helpful the staff are at LUSH. Everyone seems so happy and lovely all the time, and I have never met one of their staff that seemed to be having a bad day! I spent ages in there the other day and one of their lovely assistants Mandy, spent so long helping me pick just the right pressies for some of my love ones. Now obviously I can’t tell you what I got because that would ruin the surprise…


What I can share with you however is the random act of kindness that was bestowed on me in LUSH. As I was leaving the lovely Mandy informed that she was able to bestow a random act of kindness on a customer and gifted me one of my fave ever products, Santa’s Lip Scrub.


I mean just when I think I couldn’t love LUSH anymore they go and do something like this! So thank you Mandy for all your help and this lovely act of kindness, and thank you LUSH for having such a great company ethos that not only helps the environment and animals but also gives back to their customers!

Sonya D x

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