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I was recently tagged by my gorgeous friend Kerry of kerryjustbeauty to do the Lipstick Addict tag. Kerry is beyond obsessed with all things lip related so I loved reading her tag. I myself am more of an eye makeup gyal so didn’t think I would have enough lip products to justify a whole post. Haaaaa how wrong I was!

I started collecting my lip products together thinking it wouldn’t take long to do the post. Yeah I was in total denial! I have loads, I mean where the hell did they all come from? In my defence a lot of these are from my pro kit so they’re not all for me. Look that’s my defence and I’m sticking to it. K then, on with questions…

1. Favourite Balm/Conditioning Treatment


Right then first up are my fave balms/moisturisers.

  1. EOS Lip Balm – These are gorgeous and perfect for a quick slick of moisture. If however you need a bit more hydration you’ll need something else. You can check my review here.
  2. CARMEX Moisturising Lip Balm – Now if you need some heavy-duty hydrating then get yourself some of this stuff. I use this in my pro kit as I’m yet to find a pair of smackers that don’t respond amazingly to this stuff.
  3. Blistex Moisture Max – This is another great heavy-duty hydrator. I love the minty taste of this stuff and the cool tingly feeling it leaves in its wake.
  4. Body Shop Vitamin E Stick – If I had to sacrifice every other lip balm on the planet n favour of one, this would be it! This is definitely a cult fave of mine. I have been using it for years and I swear it is the absolute best option for dry/sensitive lips. To be honest I’m not sure why I chop and change with others?!


Next up are my fave treatments

  1. Too Faced Lip Insurance – I was going to put this in the something extra category but then I realised that this is not just a product that keeps your lippy in place. This stuff is also great for smoothing over lines and creates a lovely creamy base for any product you want to layer over it.
  2. Etre Belle Liplift Peel – This is a recent find courtesy of Glossybox.This little tube is supposed to hold the secret to plump, smooth, and healthy lips. I’m currently trialling it and loving it.
  3. LUSH Lip Scrub – Maaaaaan this is the absolute best product ever made for lips. There is a reason that us beauty bloggers love it and that’s because it’s fricking awesome! There are loads of flavours to choose from. You have probably heard people raving about the Bubble Gum flavour. My personal fave is the Santa’s version. This flavour is only out at Christmas, well duh! Anyways it’s a Fizzy Cola kind of flavour and it’s an absolute beaut. I stocked up well last year so have managed to ride the year out. My stock is fast depleting though so I’ll be popping this on my Christmas wish list!

2. Best Eye Catching Red


LT1Jeez this was a hard question. I mean there are so many to choose from. Then there’s the question do I go with a lippy, gloss, lip crayon… Anyways I finally made my choice but unfortunately could only narrow it down to three. Actually it would have been five if I could find my M.A.C. Ruby Woo and Russian Red lippies. I really need to locate those two!

  1. Chanel Rouge in Flamboyante – This is an oldie but a goodie. It’s more of a sheer red so is perfect for a day to night look. I was gifted this for my 30th so it holds a special place in my heart.
  2. Daniel Sandler Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Red – Man alive this stuff is in.cred.ible! Seriously, if you are looking for a beautiful creamy formula that applies like a dream, lasts an age and pops like Usher then this is the Red for you. Yeah I don’t know what I’m on about either!
  3. Bellepierre in Ruby – Another great Glossybox find. I love receiving Bellapierre lipsticks and am not sure why I haven’t actually ever purchased any. They are fab value and I really can’t fault them.

3. Best Luxury Lip Product


Holy Grail…Tom Ford…! Need I say more? That packaging, that texture, that formula, that colour. It’s the bomb diggity. You can check my previous review here.

4. Best Mid Range Lip Products


Oh M.A.C. you do tempt me so with your incredible range of lippies. Seriously guys I don’t know that I have ever faced temptation like I do at the M.A.C. counter, especially the lipstick stand. There are so many to choose from and in so many different finishes. Matte, Frost, Amplified, Cremesheen, Satin, Lustre… I have never ever bought a M.A.C. lip product that I didn’t love!

5. Best Drugstore Lip Products



It is very rare that I love drugstore products, judge away! Anyhow there are a few exceptions. The first being the RIMMEL Lasting Finish Lipsticks by Kate. These beauties are so vibrant and apply so beautifully, they also taste amaaaaazing! Check my full review here.


Now as I said above it really isn’t often that I’m blown away by drugstore makeup. So I really have to take my hat off to Seventeen. Their Stay Pout Lipsticks are some of the best I have ever come across. So good in fact that I have bought the whole range, melted them down and popped them in my pro lip palette. I find the key to knowing if a lippy will last is by swatching it on my hand and then rubbing it like mad. I call it the ‘budge test’. Well let me tell you these lippies passed the ‘budge test’ with flying colours. In fact they hardly moved. The colour pay-off is fab and the texture soft and creamy, which makes them perfect for pro use.

6. Best M.A.C. Lipsticks


Wow another hard question. Where do I start with this one? There are too many to mention but again I managed to narrow it down to three.

  1. Girl About Town – I absolutely love this vibrant fuchsia-pink lippy. Honesty I can’t imagine there’s a better going out Lippy on the planet!
  2. Costa Chic – This is another vibrant beauty. I love the coral/peach hue of this understated lippy. It’s perfect for so many  occasions, weddings, lunches out, cocktails with the girls, even work!
  3. Rebel – This is a gorgeous understated vampy shade that in the summer is perfect for a night out. In Autumn however you can wear this baby 24/7!

7. Most disappointing Lip Product


So I have two products that didn’t really live up to the hype.

  1. NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil – OK I have to be honest, when it’s comes to colour pay-off and a lovely formula these pencils kick ass. The problem for me is the god awful taste. I’m not sure what NYX were doing when they made these pencils but they taste absolutely horrendous. So horrendous that I can’t actually get past it enough to wear them anymore!
  2. Sleek Makeup Pout Polish – This was sent to me in a Glossybox and as soon as I saw it I was so excited to try it. On first look it appeared to be a beautiful colour, consistency and the smell is so divine, like buttery goodness. Upon application however it’s just a bit meh! It didn’t give me enough hydration or colour to bother using it again.

8. Liner Yay or Nay?


I’m sure this picture says it all doesn’t it?! Of course it’s a yay! I love lip liner. It took me a long time to get here though. You see I was a teenager of the 90’s so am totally scarred by the dark brown liner/lighter brown lipstick combo that was in full swing back then. For a long time I thought that was the aim of liner. Until I fixed up and eventually realised that by applying light feathery strokes before applying  matching lipstick, gives you perfect lips. These days I even apply liner to my whole lip and then slick on some gloss or lippy to give a fuller looking pout.

9. Best Gloss



When I first started thinking about this question I didn’t actually think that I was a gloss fan. I mean it’s that age-old annoyance of having to un-stick my hair from my lips every few minutes. But I thought I’d roll with it and get my few glosses together and come up with an answer. Then I realised again, another case of total denial. Who am I kidding, I fricking love me a gloss! Here are my faves…



  1. M.A.C. Lipgelle in Bubble Lounge – It was hard to get the camera to pick up the beautiful coffee/golden hue of this gorgeous gloss.
  2. M.A.C. Dazzleglass in Like Venus – Oh I love, love, LOVE, me a Dazzleglass. Since the day they were launched I have been in love with them. This beautiful muted pink is perfect for layering over nude lippies to give them a little zhuzh.
  3. M.A.C. Dazzleglass in Funtabulous – Again you can layer this colour over your vampy lippies or just apply a simple slick for a lovely pop of glitzty colour.
  4. NYX Girls Gloss in Sparkle – This is fab dupe for M.A.C.’s Like Venus Dazzleglass. The only difference is that the glitter particles are a bit bigger. I bought this gloss in a pack with another that was also a perfect dupe for the Funtabulous Dazzleglass gloss. I really need to find that!
  5. M.A.C. Lipglass in Viva Glam Rihanna 2 – I love this little gloss. It’s a basic clear gloss with a little sparkle. Perfect for layering over those tired looking matte shades.
  6. Daniel Sandler Luxury Gloss in Vivid Envy – Hands down one of the best glosses I have ever purchased. First of all have you seen the size of the tube?! Second of all the colour is incredible and then there’s the taste. It’s so spicy and yummy, I have to be careful not to eat my gloss off.
  7. Ben Nye Lipgloss Wheel – This is definitely more geared towards pro use. The formula is fab and the colours are perfect for any shade you may need on a job.

10 A little something extra…


Something I’m loving at the minute are Lip Crayons. They have the benefit of being a mix between a lipstick and a gloss without the stickiness. If you have dry tired lips these are the best option as they disguise dry flaky patches remarkably well.


Lipcote, surely you’ve tried it?! If you haven’t get down Boots and grab a bottle. There really isn’t anything better for locking in colour and stopping your perfect lips from smudging. Be warned though it tastes like crap!


I’m sure you’re all thinking ‘why in the hell has she put face paints in here?” Haaaaa I know that’s what I thought they were the first time I laid eyes on them. Face paints they aint though! This little palette is the best damn makeup invention in recent history. There are 12 grease paint colours packed into this Makeup Forever Professional Palette. You can use them on any part of the face so by mixing different combos of colours you can achieve any lip, eye, face colour on the planet!

Now guys I feel there is one question that should be added to the tag…

11. Best Nude Lipstick


OK, OK, I know a lot of you probably loathe Nude lipsticks. It can be hard to find the perfect one and to be honest when you have swatched like a million they all seem to blend into each other. Don’t despair though, I got you. There is a simple rule of thumb to choosing the perfect nude.  Firstly you need to distinguish what your undertone is. Cool or Warm?

Cool girls will have a pink undertone and the veins on the back of their wrists will look blue. I myself have a cool undertone, so opt for pink/rose based nudes. If I go for a peachy/beige nude I run the risk of looking like I’m trying to start a 90’s revival, not a good look!

Warm girls will have a yellow undertone and the veins on the back of your hands will look green. When I have a tan, (ahem fake) my skin does tend to warm up just enough to let me get away with a peachy/pink nude. Those of you with a true warm undertone really do need to avoid a pink based nude though. I mean you don’t want to look like night of the living dead do you?

Neutral Girls will have a an equal mix of cool and warm undertones. The veins on the back of your hands will be both yellow and blue. Girls with Olive skin tones usually fall into the neutral category and basically can get away with any colour. You lucky things!

So there you have it. In short you simply need to identify your undertone and match your colours to that. Cool = pinks, so keep it in the rose based family. Warm = yellow so go peachy/caramel depending on how light or dark your skin is. Always remember that apart from choosing the right undertone you don’t want to go too light for your skin tone. Doing so will leave you looking washed out and unwell.

As you can see above I have five favourite nudes that I wear depending on how tanned or see through I am. A few of them may look similar when swatched but I assure you they look totally different on the lips. Another tip for picking the best nude for you is to try them on your lips. Get the counter assistant to sanitise it for you and then apply a slick, this is the only real way to tell if it suits you or not!

So guys that’s my post. I tag anyone that fancies taking part. Just be sure to tag me in it so I can read your answers.

PEACE & LOVE or should that be PEACE & POUT!
Sonya D x

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  1. Love the Tom Ford shade! I am a sucker for a nude lip!! Fab tag, i shall post mine over the weekend 🙂 xx

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