Beautiful Thailand…

Hey lovelies, hope you’re all cool. Yesterday I got a really exciting opportunity to go and visit The Buddha Beauty Company in Chorlton. I’ll be attending the Salon in the very near future to experience some of their fabulous treatments. The Buddha Beauty Company was founded by Llewelyn who has travelled the globe and has styled his gorgeous looking salon to reflect the beauty he witnessed in the Far East.

Some of you may know that I travelled to Thailand earlier this year. I am missing it like crazy at the minute and miss the beautiful tranquility and stunning scenery of the happiest place I ever visited! When I was looking at The Buddha Beauty Companies website, so many memories came flooding back of my own travels. It then occurred to me that I never posted about my travels to Thailand. I need to rectify that pronto!

Thailand is one of the most crazy, peaceful, beautiful places I have ever experienced. Yes it’s all that and more in one mad sitting!  It’s so cosmopolitan and full of amazing people who have incredible stories to share with you. The sights, sounds, smells, everything is so intoxicating it’s hard to explain in words. If you have never travelled to this amazing place I suggest you do. You cannot ever begin to imagine how utterly mesmerising  the place is.

We began our adventure in Bangkok. Wow Bangkok is really something else….

10308886_10152029204201580_337594579523537379_n 10336614_10152029221731580_8316488876834017672_n 10365871_10152029224876580_5365461814821443854_n 10377380_10152055633191580_1295901276376097841_n 10444550_10152055627821580_6437103852834919276_n

1959416_10152028954106580_6074885350630071921_n 10448734_10152053122626580_4481616216428077039_n 10409462_10152053124921580_2723560590272325456_n Thailand 103 Thailand 110 Thailand 111 Thailand 112 Thailand 114 Thailand 128 Thailand 130 Thailand 132 Thailand 134

Thailand 136 Thailand 141 Thailand 142 Thailand 143 Thailand 149 Thailand 155 Thailand 158 Thailand 165 Thailand 166 Thailand 168 Thailand 178 Thailand 179 Thailand 180 Thailand 181 Thailand 182 Thailand 186 Thailand 188 Thailand 195 Thailand 196 Thailand 198 Thailand 199

Thailand 2 2005 Thailand 2 1955 Thailand 2 1779 Thailand 2 1854 Thailand 2 1905

Island hopping on the Andaman Coast…

Thailand 202 Thailand 203 Thailand 208 Thailand 212 Thailand 215 Thailand 216 Thailand 222 Thailand 225 Thailand 226 Thailand 233 Thailand 234 Thailand 240 Thailand 255 Thailand 257 Thailand 263 Thailand 264 Thailand 266 Thailand 267 Thailand 268 Thailand 271 Thailand 286 Thailand 291

10289856_10152041976131580_8293807171725402843_n 10329073_10152034959466580_174879063578603245_n 10342903_10152030975621580_8722634055957737734_n 10342989_10152038288261580_8320358246684387324_n 10360454_10152042254891580_4018389371329134797_n 10366317_10152042235861580_8844166706715237025_n 10370437_10152045583296580_1852451972832304912_n 10375943_10152042240241580_4567157131837707095_n 10376050_10152042233166580_5597758444762646520_n 10405565_10152041990806580_4737555792135074336_n

Thailand 2 756 Thailand 2 1018 Thailand 2 1001 Thailand 2 1068 Thailand 2 1080 Thailand 2 1624 Thailand 2 1662

I want to go back…

Sonya D x


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