A £2.69 Spa for your brushes!

I’m sure by now that all my fellow makeup mavens have heard of the Sigma Spa Brush…

brush-cleaning-glove-aquaPicture Credit: CLOUD 10 Beauty

Now before I start this post I have to take my hat of to Sigma for an incredible idea! A simple silicone mitt that helps to effectively clean makeup brushes in half the time. Why, oh why did I not try this before now?!

Let me tell you, makeup brushes are the most beloved part of my pro and personal collections. What is not beloved however is cleaning them. Especially when you have this many…


When I heard that Sigma were launching an amazing product to help cut cleaning time in half I was obsessed and just had to have it. When however I saw the picture of the product and then saw the price I was gobsmacked! £32.95 for what is in theory a silicone oven mitt!

OK yes, Sigma are amazing and know their stuff. Yes this oven mitt, sorry spa glove has six different textures for different jobs and brushes, plus it also comes with a lovely soft mitt for inside the glove, but… it’s just a suped-up oven mitt!

Step forward Ebay. A simple search for ‘silicone oven mitt’ brought up a ridiculous amount of ‘similar looking’ products for under £5. Now they may not have Sigma or Spa written on them and also may be missing the six different textures, but surely they do a similar job? Lets see how they perform.


K then beauties, if I wash my pro and personal brushes together it takes me around 2-3 hours, buuuuuurn! In-between washes for my personal brushes I use a quick and fast drying cleanser, usually the No.7 Brush Cleanser. In-between clients however my pro brushes are always thoroughly washed with Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap. Man that stuff is incredible for so many things, especially makeup brushes!

IMG_8237Now I usually swirl my brush in the soap and scrub the brushes on the back of my hand. This is pretty easy with eye brushes or anything used with powder. When I get to my face brushes however, hot damn I am on a long ting! Anything used with liquid products is an absolute ‘mare’ to get clean and usually takes a good 5 mins a brush! Until now!


Simply swirl the brush on your oven mitt instead of your hand and maaaaaan, the brush is clean within seconds! Even brushes that have been used with Revlon Colour Stay were sparkling within seconds. Anyone that has ever tried to clean that stuff off their brushes will know it’s an absolute ‘mother’ to get rid off!

Every brush I cleaned was spotless within seconds. Not only that but they shed so much less and kept their shape so much better. I am so annoyed at myself for not getting on this much sooner. In total my cleaning time was just over an hour! Go on!

brushes brushes2

As you can see my brushes are sparkling and have kept their shape beautifully. I think this is because they need so much less washing. As I said instead of the usual 5 minutes a face brush my cleaning time was only a few seconds which meant less water, less soap, less splaying and less damage to my brush!

So in conclusion yes the Sigma Spa Mitt is a fab idea, it has 6 different textures geared towards different jobs but… you don’t need any of that. In ‘my’ opinion you only need this simple mitt with it’s one texture. Swirl your brush in the soap, swirl it on a large or small area of the mitt depending on the brush size. Once the soap has foamed up nicely rinse under the water and then wipe the brush off on the mitt. You will definitely notice the brush is sparking within seconds and is not as loaded with water once you’ve finished!

Seriously guys, get on eBay and get yourselves one of these babies, your life will be sooooo much easier!

Sonya D x

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