I like big butts and I cannot lie…



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Maaaaan I haven’t even started the post and I’m already digressing, is there any hope for me? Anyway after my exercise session at The Academy this morning I was so pumped I had to have MTV Base blaring for a good hour when I got home. Whilst I was dancing around like a maniac my Ché made the observation that there’s a lot of ‘ass talk’ in music at the minute, haaaaaa he has a way with words doesn’t he?!

So some of you will know that I’m doing an 8 week, 20lb challenge. I’m two weeks into the challenge and feeling amazing. Before now the only exercise I have ever loved is anything danced based. Any kind of endurance/weight based exercise has always left me feeling like my gym instructor is secretly trying to kill me! This last two weeks however has totally changed all that.

I’ve been loving my sessions at The Academy. Every one is so different and the most fun I’ve ever had exercising. Don’t get me wrong there are still times that I think I may die, but they soon pass now and are replaced by visions of my perfect body.

So back to the ‘ass talk’, haaaaa sorry couldn’t help myself. Any of you that read my blog regularly will be more than aware that I’m obsessed with the thought of having a perfect juicy booty. Beyoncé’s, J-Lo’s, Shakira’s, Iggy’s… Anything close to any of those will be just great thanks!

Before now I thought that it would always be impossible for me to get a perfect derrière. However this last fortnight has definitely made me sit back and re-evaluate that. I feel that I am getting stronger in every session and my fitness levels seem to be rising faster than they ever have before. Now looking in the mirror there hasn’t been a massive change but I know it will come, and soon.

So I am now planning on working as much on my booty as I possibly can and dreaming about all the outfits I can wear over the holiday period to show it off. I am a big Hip Hop fan and have always celebrated the big booty so it’s nice to see as Ché so aptly put it, a lot of ‘ass talk’ in mainstream music at the minute. I am not short of ass-spiration to keep me focussed! Fancy a bit?…

Beware some are not for the faint hearted!

and maybe a bit of old school inspo?

and then there’s the biggest booty tune of all time…

Right I’m off to do some more squats!

Sonya D x


3 thoughts on “Ass-spirations…

  1. This is assome. I’m sorry that was lame. I won’t do it it again.

    Isn’t it great when you find a workout that actually works for and leaves you feeling like a badass (Sorry I’m not sorry) instead of just…in pain?

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