MAC Pigments, not just an eyeshadow!


Whether or not we like it, Christmas is fast approaching and that means one thing in the eyeshadow stakes, time to get our sparkle on! Now there may be an abundance of holiday palettes winging their way to beauty stands,  but if you’re on a budget then you can do so many things with a pigment.

For me the pigment masters are most definitely MAC. They have so many colours to choose from and they aren’t a bad price coming in at £17.00. Now that may sound steep for one pigment but considering how versatile they are, not to mention how long they’ll last you, they really are a bargain.

Pigments in my book are some of the most versatile makeup products you can get. Traditionally they are used as an eyeshadow, using a tiny amount of these will give you amazing colour pay-off. There are however loads of other tricks you can use these for…

Foiled Look – wet your brush with a bit of MAC’s Fix+ (or any makeup setting spray) and swirl it through your pigment, you then simply need to sweep  it across your lid and you will have a beautiful foiled look.

Coloured Eyeliner – You can do the same as with the foiled trick, but instead you can apply these as an eyeliner for just about any colour combination.

Coloured Lashes – I also like to apply my mascara and then apply a little of my chosen pigment to the tips of my lashes for a funky look.

Highlighter/Ethereal Glow – If you take a colour like Vanilla and apply a little as a highlighter you will be left with a gorgeous shimmery glow. Alternatively you can mix just a tiny amount with your foundation before application and you will be left with a gorgeous ethereal glow.

Bronzer/Blusher – Again applying a little of these products will give you amazing colour pay-off so you need just apply a tiny amount of loose pigment with your brush for a lovely bronzed or blush effect. If however you prefer the dewy look mix a little pigment with your moisturiser and then apply as you would  a cream blush or bronzer.

Nail Polish – Another great trick is to mix your chosen pigment with a clear nail polish for an amazing metallic polish.

So you see guys the possibilities are endless, all you need to do is experiment. Christmas is coming and we’re all on a tight budget so it’s time to dig through our beauty stashes and get creative. Let me know if you can think of any other creative ways to use pigments, or any beauty product for that matter!

Sonya D x


3 thoughts on “MAC Pigments, not just an eyeshadow!

  1. Ok ok…you’ve sold me on the pigments. Ive never liked them before because I find them messy, but you’ve convinced me now! I’d love a rose gold coloured one, do MAC have one like that? xx

    Sarah |

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