Glam lashes for £2.99!


I admit it I am a lash obsessive. I have tried every lash known to mankind with my old faves being, MAC, Ardell, Shu Uemura and Eyelure’s. Now you may have seen that I swapped a lot of these for the very cheap and very fabulous Amazing Shine lashes. Amazing Shine lashes are beautiful natural looking lashes that cost only £2! It takes a lot to top them but Red Cherry’s absolutely do!

Red Cherry lashes are a little more expensive than Amazing Shine’s coming in at £3 a pair, but really when you see the range you won’t give a damn, and anyway £3 for lashes…HELLO! Now don’t get me wrong I still love the Amazing Shine’s but I tend to stick to these during the day now. The Red Cherry’s are very GLAM and there are loads and loads of styles to choose from.

If you’re a wispy fan then you’ll definitely fall in love with the Red Cherry line, but really no matter what your style they’ll have what you love, they even stock bottom lashes! Again as with the Amazing Shine’s the packaging is minimal and there isn’t any glue included so you need to make sure you’re well stocked up.

The eyelash world really is stepping up its game and the big boys have a lot of competition, it’s about time  they started lowering their prices. If Amazing Shine and Red Cherry can deliver beautiful, comfortable lashes that are made with real human hair and look the shizz, then the likes of Eyelure, MAC and Ardell should be able to do the same!

What about you guys, have you tried and tested any amazing lashes that don’t break the bank?

Sonya D x


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