Getting in the weight loss zone is so easy!

So here it is, the first the day of the rest of my life, hopefully! I’ve got MTV blaring, namely Nicki Minaj for buttspiration and I’m ready to smash it. My first day has so far consisted of Oats for breakfast, I need to go and take Mr Otis on a good walk and then get my outfit picked out for my first session, gotta keep it glam people!

Getting in the zone…

I am so in the zone, which is a lovely feeling after months of wallowing in my own miserable chocolate scoffing ways. What I’ve just realised however is how easy it was to get back in the zone. I have always struggled to get that fire of motivation burning in my belly. This time not so much!

I’ve been thinking about it for so long and then suddenly realised that’s the key to unlocking the door to my new body. Instead of thinking about it, just do it, haha that sounds like a Nike advert! It is so true though! I sat last week and thought time for action, so I got off my ass and went looking for a fitness based routine that would suit me.

Staying in the zone…

So I’ve found my chosen path. The Macclesfield Academy Group Transformation Centre you can catch my previous post here. I have signed up for the free 20lbs in 8 week challenge and I’m raring to go. Now I have definitely got to give a lot of thanks to my fellow Academy Ninja’s. The whole weekend has been flooded with supportive message, inspirational meal ideas and general motivational chit-chat. Being around this lot is so going to keep me focussed on my goals.

The Goals…

Please santa for Christmas I would like…

  1. A juicy toned booty like Nicki Minaj (minus the alleged implants ;O)
  2. A flat tummy and nice toned hips so I can wear midi tops
  3. To lose a couple of chins
  4. To get my self-confidence back and get posting my OOTD’s again
  5. To be healthy
  6. To look like I did last Christmas


So guys if I can help you in any way, motivation, posting results, food or fitness ideas please holla at me in the comments as I’d love to help. Also if any of you have any ideas, tips, or general words of encouragement I’d love to hear them.

As Always…PEACE & LOVE
Sonya D x

6 thoughts on “Getting in the weight loss zone is so easy!

  1. Wow. You look stunning in that picture. Glad to hear you’re in the zone! I’m soooo far out of it at the moment. I need to start my Christmas party health kick but struggling! Can you send me some of your motivation please missy! xx

  2. I really need to get back in THE zone! Currently sat here polishing off a nice bar of Cadbury’s…. oops

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