Fitness Challenge – 8 weeks to lose 20lbs!



I’ve undertaken so many different diets it makes me dizzy. I’ve had varied success with different eating plans, even losing 4 stone last year over at Slimming World. Now don’t get me wrong I loved being at Slimming World, it was a lovely friendly place that helped me immensely, my issue though is that although I loved the eating plan I was still always bloated and relatively unfit.

Since I came back off holiday in June I’ve been eating like I’m on an all inclusive holiday, which is pretty ironic because I wasn’t even on one to begin with! The weight has piled oooooon! Needless to say as a result I’ve been feeling pretty crap about myself, not even wanting to go clothes shopping, me not go clothes shopping?!?! I mean!

Anyhow I have decided drastic action is needed, I refuse to sit on my ass and wallow with ‘bellies gone and got ya’ going round in my head! So what to do? Well I have tried just about every diet on the planet. The Duken, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Low GI…

Like I say I have had varied success with one common theme, the results never last. So I started thinking about what I wanted to achieve. Well any of you that have seen my squat challenge posts will know that a Beyoncé ass and tummy is top of the list. So there lies the answer, a toned, amazing, BOD! Something I will never ever achieve with diet alone.

I started putting the feelers out for a fitness based regime and that’s when I discovered The Academy. The Academy Group Transformation Centre is what I call a real gym! No cross trainers or treadmills in sight, just equipment that looks mind-boggling but fun at the same time. The Academy run a free 8 week 20lbs challenge which is exactly what it says on the tin, 8 weeks to lose 20lbs!

IMG_0533I’m starting out in Phase 1 where I have to do one thing, F.T.D.I. FOLLOW THE DAMN INSTRUCTIONS! Which are:

  1. J.E.R.F. Just eat real food!
  2. Attend at least 3 training sessions per week
  3. Get involved and make friends at The Academy
  4. Cut out sugar
  5. Drink at least 1L of water for every 25kg of body weight
  6. No more than 3 coffees a day (help)
  7. Keep it simple

K then sounds simple hey? HaHa when I was in The Academy this morning there was a class on and I could hear Arnold Schwarzenegger giving the instructions, then I looked at the schedule and saw the classes were named things like Knuckle Sandwich and The Hunger Games, crap I hope I don’t die!


So guys this is me for the next 8 weeks, I have never ever undertaken anything like this in my life. I have however always wanted me a BOD and there seems no other option but to stop sitting on my ass and put my back into making it happen. As always I’ll be keeping you updated and posting more progress results and pics as I progress. If any of you fancy joining in with your own version feel free! So here’s a little before pic…


and a quick shifty into the future for my results…


Wish me luck guys, I’m gonna need it!

Sonya D x


5 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge – 8 weeks to lose 20lbs!

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  2. good luck – it’s a great place, you’ll love it. and I’m gonna love reading your blog and be inspired by it. see you there!

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