In love with a NARSissist…



Oh my giddy aunt, every now and then a palette comes along that literally blows my socks off! The last time I was this excited about a palette was the launch of NAKED 3, it’ll take a lot to top that baby!

Top it the NARSissist does though. I mean this 15 shadow palette is just amazing! If you haven’t already seen it or guessed by its name, it’s brought to us my Blusher masters NARS. It is buttery, highly pigmented and basically just freaking incredible.

The 15 shadow palette is a mix of matt and shimmery neutrals that have incredible colour pay-off and last a good old while once applied. The amount of looks you can get out of this baby is a bit ridic really, and for me there are only two negatives. The first being that the shadows are rather small but considering this palette costs less than three of NARS’ normal shadows I can forget that. The other negative is that they are a little difficult to blend straight onto the lid so you need a good primer, again I can forgive this too as this is something we need to be doing anyhow.

Now I’ve been meaning to blog this palette for a good old while but it sold out so rapidly over here in the UK that I didn’t see the point. A few weeks ago however I noticed that you can get it in US-based ‘makeup heaven’ Sephora. They now ship to the UK so you can have your very own if you’re tempted ;O)

Sonya D x


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