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A few years back when the whole ‘beauty box’ hysteria kicked off I subscribed to a couple. The first being Glossybox and the second being JoileBox. Now you may be wondering what the hell JolieBox is, well they don’t exist anymore, they are now called BirchBox.

I stayed with BirchBox for a while but soon got a bit fed up with their offerings so cancelled. I have stayed firmly in the GlossyBox camp, until now. If you’ve seen any of my latest reviews you’ll know I’m getting a bit fed up of their below average boxes.

This month I noticed that BirchBox were including a Beauty Blender and Solid Cleaner in every box. Now as I actually needed both of these items and they would set me back £26 it made sense to get the BirchBox which is only £12.95. Not only that but I have a fair few GlossyDots so my next few GlossyBoxes are free. I have decided to give BirchBox one more chance for two months and which ever boxes are superior will win my subscription. So let’s have a look at what’s in this box shall we?…


BENEFIT It’s Potent Eye Cream – This little pot of cream is supposed to banish dark circles and smooth over fine lines. Big promises BENEFIT! I’ll be putting it to the test and letting you know how it performs.IMG_8137

AGAVE Healing Oil Treatment – This oil is supposed to be lightweight and claims to build resiliency and boost shine and colour. Considering I have found my holy grail oil in Moroccanoil it’ll have to out do it to win me over. Again I’ll be letting you know how I get on.


MODELCO Lip Lacquer in Morocco – A girl can never have too many nudes (haha didn’t mean that to sound rude) but I’m not very taken on this particular one. It seems a little brown for my skin tone. I’ll be popping it in my pro kit incase I ever need it.


KORRES Citrus Shower Gel – I suppose that there are some beauty box subscribers that love getting shower gels, I however am not a fan. I have my own faves that I stick to as they smell great and don’t irritate my skin. I’ll be giving this to someone who’ll appreciate it more.


BIRCHBOX Happy Days Photo Clip – This is a bit of dud item for me and will probably end up in my ‘tat’ draw with similar photo clips I’ve had from BirchBox before now. Sorry to be brutal but I would much rather have something else other than a photo clip.


URBAN FRUIT Magnificent Mango – OK let me start by saying that if you end up loving these healthy little snacks a re-purchase will set you back £13.20 for 6! Really?! Hmmmm don’t think so!


BEAUTYBLENDER + BLENDERCLEANSER SOLID – Now we get to the good stuff. These two little items have very quickly gained cult status in the beauty world, and for good reason. Blending your foundation, concealer or contouring with this will leave you with a perfectly flawless base. Every makeup bag in the land should contain one of these babies. Then you have the fab soap that you can run any beauty blender/sponge or brush across, lather and rinse off for sparkling results! I could gush all day about these two beauties.

Overall I am pleased with the box but mainly because of the BEAUTYBLENDER AND BENEFIT EYE CREAM. Other than that I am totally underwhelmed by the offering. The reasons I originally cancelled is that there was a shift from fab products such as YSL, CAUDALIE, CHINA GLAZE…to boxes filled with a couple of so, so products and the rest was padded out with tat. Now I love the BEAUTYBLENDER and think it’s great value for money to get it half price in the box, unless they pull something like this out of the bag every month I’ll be cancelling. So BirchBox you have one more month to wow me if you want to beat GlossyBox to my subscription.

What about you guys? Are you in love with your BirchBox or do you prefer a different beauty box?

Sonya D x



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