A Magical Night of Fashion…

A couple of weeks back you may have seen my post on an upcoming fashion show I was due to cover. The show was set to mark Sharon Bowen’s come back, and considering she trained in Paris and has designed for the likes of Chloe and Dior it was set to be incredible.

shar15Perhaps the most important part of the show is that all proceeds were being donated to my local East Cheshire Hospice. You may have heard me mention a few fundraisers that I have been to in aid of the hospice. This is a cause that is very close to my heart as my good friend and family member Sarah attends the hospice and they have helped her immeasurably.

The hospice relies heavily on our community to help keep this incredible service going. Now Sarah, never one to be slowed down by anything, is on a mission to help raise as much money for the hospice as possible. She has shared her own personal story with the public to help give an insight into the incredible and varied work the hospice do. Not only that but Sarah also speaks at different charity fundraisers in aid of the hospice. I was so proud to sit and not only see Sarah dressed in her beautiful wedding gown (that Sharon made), but also to listen to her give her inspirational and very moving speech at Sharon’s show.

sbs21 sbs23shar14

The show was held in the beautiful Congleton Town Hall. With its incredible gothic architecture it was the perfect backdrop for Sharon’s magical show.  Upon arrival guests were greeted with cocktails and canapés. During the intervals they were treated to ice-cream,  as well as stalls full of fab jewellery and raffles in aid of the hospice. Guests were also entertained by singers and dancers during the three main acts. The night was absolutely jam-packed with amazing surprises.

sbs5 sbs2 sbs3sbs14


As for the fashion…it was incredible! Sharon had split her collection into three main theme’s/acts and after a peek backstage it was pretty obvious to see that we were in for a roller coaster of an evening…

sbs20 sbs15 sbs16 fmm4 fmm3 sbs19

Act 1. Nordic Bohemia – The opening show was the incredibly romantic Nordic Bohemia. Exquisite gowns made up of beautiful flowing fabrics and delicate lace were breath taking enough, but then there were the accessories. Oh my! Antlers surrounded by a wreath of periwinkle blue hydrangea, I mean need I say more?

sbs27 sbs29 sbs31 sbs32 sbs33 sbs34 sbs36

Act 2. Gatsby – The second show was just as breath-taking as the first and you couldn’t help but think that everything was building to something spectacular for the finale. Dress after beautiful dress was presented in this popular theme and Sharon nailed it with her stunning flapper inspired collection. Feathered head dresses, beaded gowns, fur stoles and delicate lace capes were a sight to behold! PS: see if you can spot a familiar face amongst the fabulous models.

sbs37 sbs38 sbs39 sbs40 sbs42 sbs43 sbs45 sbs46 sbs47 sbs50 sbs51 shar11 fmm9 fmm8

Act 3. Boudoir Belles – At this point the excitement was tangible, we had sat through ariel acrobatics/dancing. Live singers and ballet performances. No one had a clue what they were about to see next. Then the music started…

Roxanne from Moulin Rouge started off the theatrically mesmerising final act. Out came stunning models wearing jet black wedding dresses, sequined gowns and silk pantsuits. Denise Welch who absolutely stole the show, made her way to the stage and sat at the front with all the girls behind her. You really couldn’t help but get the feeling that there was a story being told in the midst of all this beautiful creativity. Perhaps that of a madam presenting all her girls? Who knows? That really was the beauty of the final act, it was enigmatic and sent your imagination into overdrive!


sb1 shar4IMG_9590 IMG_9550 shar2


The evening really was breath-taking and filled with mystery and wonder, anyone planning a wedding and looking for a show stopper of a dress needs to have a chat with Sharon because she really is one of the best designers I’ve ever come across. If I ever do decide to get of my ass and plan a wedding I wouldn’t let anyone else design my 5 gowns ;O)

Sonya D x


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