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MUG16You all know I love me a false lash…or two…or a million. Anywho, my usual faves for the day time are the very cheap and very fabulous Amazing Shine lashes, you can check my review here. Well as much as I love the Amazing Shines sometimes you want something a little bit more special. Enter House of Lashes!

First Impressions – 10/10

Oh man where the hell do I start with this amazing company? K, firstly they have the best customer service I think I have ever encountered. Some of my family were recently in the states and knowing I have been fiending after these for ages ordered me some to bring home. In the pack should have been a beautiful eyelash holder, but it was mistakenly left out. I contacted the company and they very quickly responded informing me that they would replace the item and include a free glue for my trouble. Not only that but on learning that my family member was no longer in the states to bring it home they offered to send it to the UK for me, I mean…good or what?! So customer service gets a 10/10 straight away!

Second up is the beautiful website. It is so user-friendly and very interactive. They have advice on eye shapes, what lashes will suit you and how to wear them. Then there’s the choice available in collections of; Glam, Au Natural, Flirty and Premium Luxe. They have accessories galore which include the best damn glue I have ever used in my life! Also fellow UK peeps, don’t be put off they ship internationally at very reasonable prices.

ByO0bk8IMAAfuHhPackaging – 10/10

I heart this packaging, it’s so girly yet slick. Its pretty difficult to re-invent the wheel when it comes to eyelash packaging, especially when you’re trying to ensure great quality at affordable prices. Somehow House of Lashes have pulled it off though and the amount of people who have stopped me and asked about the gorgeous looking  glue-pot, which is always in my handbag now!

Quality & Performance – 10/10

The lashes are cruelty free, eco-friendly and made with 100% sterilised human hair. The founder apparently spent 4 years researching the 10 most flattering styles suited for every eye shape, so guys before you worry about picking the right ones you really can’t go wrong! Then there’s the lashes themselves, hot damn!!!!! They are so luxurious and plush, especially the ones in the Premium Luxe range. If you treat the lashes right, I see no reason that you won’t get 5-8 applications out of them.

Then there’s the glue, maaaaan it is in.cred.ible! I literally have never know a glue as good. I’m sorry Duo but you have been replaced. This glue guys, I mean I can’t even put into words how good it is. It comes in a gorgeous little tube that has a wand applicator, thus making application so easy and waste so low. It is so freaking good, your lashes do not move. Really guys you need it in your life!


Overall – 10/10

I’m not sure that I’ve ever given a company 10/10 before. I mean even in light of the fact that they got my order wrong, they handled it so well and more than made up for it. The product choice is amazing, the site interactive and fun to use, and the products themselves are fab! Not to mention they are so reasonably priced, even more so if you buy bundles of three, or use one of the many discount codes that are usually floating about! Then there’s the fact that if you look closely at a lot of red carpet pictures you can actually see a flurry of celebs wearing these amazing lashes, so if they’re good enough for Khloe Kardashian, then they’re good enough for me!

What about you guys, have you ever used House of Lashes or do you have another company that you prefer for more Luxe lashes?

Sonya D x

8 thoughts on “House of Lashes

  1. Wowee, these are some big words Sonya D. 10/10 in every category? Wowzas. The glue sounds marvellioso and I am such a biggie on customer service, I’m glad they got your seal of approval – and more, by the sounds of it! Rosemary x

  2. My Aunt is the CEO this company 😍😍😍 I showed her this review and she said it made her day, she also runs their insta account

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