Tutorial/Collab: Lets get NAKED!


Hey beauties, so today I’m excited to be posting a collab with my two fave blogger ladies Sarah of Seriously Shallow and Kerry of Kerry Just Beauty. I met both the girlies through twitter a while back and have to say that they are both absolutely beautiful, talented, lovely ladies that make my blogging hobby an absolute pleasure. Real talk for a minute guys, blogging especially in the fashion and beauty world can be a bit dog eat dog at times. I have seen some true colours in people who I thought were my friends and have been sad, mad and relieved to have them out of my life. Meeting gorgeous ladies such as these, that have no agenda but to build confidence and bring happiness to people is refreshing and puts into perspective why I do this. So a quick shout out to Kerry and Sarah for making this blogging game a hell of a lot more fun! Anyhow bebes, enough gushing, on with the tutorial…


You may have seen that the three of us have previously collaborated here. Anyhow it’s been a minute since that last collab so we thought we should do another. We decided on a NAKED palette trilogy with Kerry taking NAKED 1…


Sarah taking NAKED 2…


and myself covering NAKED 3…


Hit up the links and pics to check out Kerry and Sarah’s amazing tutorials. Now I’m gonna try my best to keep up with these two talented ladies so here goes…

You will need:

I am just including my eye products here but if you want any info on the other products I used or tutorials on my, foundation, concealing, contouring, blush or brow application, holla at me in the comments.

  1. An eye primer of your choice
  2. A NAKED 3 palette (obvs)
  3. A NAKED 3 eye pencil
  4. A light brown/peachy shadow for your transition colour
  5. Some falsies, again your choice
  6. Mascara



  1. You know the drill, prime your lids up to the brows with your chosen primer. Mines MUA eye primer
  2. Blend your transitional colour into your crease using a windshield wiper motion. I used Makeup Geek’s Peach Smoothie for my transitional colour
  3. Apply a full wash of Trick to your lid and blend up as far as you like
  4. Cover the same area with a wash of Burnout and again blend up
  5. Add just a little Darkside to your outer V’s and blend to give just a little depth
  6. Apply some more Peach Smothie to your crease and blend out to ensure you have no harsh edges
  7. Take your brush with the mix of Trick, Burnout and Darkside and sweep under your lower lashes, stopping before your tear ducts
  8. Blend the lower lash line out with some good old Peach Smoothie (or your own transitional colour)
  9. Add some Strange to your brow bone and tear duct
  10. Take the amazingness that is the double ended NAKED 3 pencil and apply the Darkside end to your upper and lower lash line. I also added this to my water line and tight-lined my upper lashes for a more full on effect. I finished my upper liner in a little flick
  11. Curl your lashes and apply a slick of mascara to your upper and lower lashes
  12. Apply your chosen lashes. I went for House of Lashes in Iconic

IMG_9856 (2)

The finished look should be a kind of bronzed/rosey gold wash with a little depth. I reckon this would also look kick ass with a green glitter liner underneath for an evening look. Hmmmm I might just have to try that out!

Anyway lovelies here’s my finished look…

IMG_9893 (2)IMG_0049 (2)

So that’s my finished eye tutorial, I just fancied doing something a little different with the palette. If you don’t have the NAKED 3 you can get a similar effect by layering a shimmery rose pink over either a gold/bronze shadow or even a bronzer.

Like I say if you have any questions about the other products/techniques I used let me know.

Sonya D x

17 thoughts on “Tutorial/Collab: Lets get NAKED!

  1. Hi Sonya! Love your eye makeup tutorial. I have set #3 and I love how the colors are very subtle yet gives that shimmery shine. Overall a great tutorial that I’m excited to try out 🙂 – Lena


  2. Awww, where do I start? First things first, the look is gorgeous. You have serious skills! The rose tones make your eyes look gorgeous! What you said in the intro was so sweet. I feel very lucky to have ‘met’ you girls too. You’re very right that there can be a lot of shady motives around, but at the end of the day, its a passion, its meant to be fun, and its amazing to meet people who like the same things. I was talking about this at the weekend with Kerry, we reckon because we’re a bit older than the average blogger, we don’t take it as seriously…god knows what I would have been like doing this at 17 like half of them! But seriously, thank you for suggested this post, its been so much fun. Here’s to more in the future! xx

  3. Loved this post, glad that I am not the only 30+ blogger out there, well actually Im nearer the 40+ range, but in my mind, every woman has the right to wear make up whatever their age.


  4. I have been wanting one of the Naked palettes for a while they all look so nice. Thanks for putting me in your list of blogs your loving 🙂 xx

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