Makeup Geek Eyeshadows


Any of my fellow UK beauty addicts may be unfamiliar with this US-based company, unless you guys are YouTube addicts like me, then you will definitely have heard of Makeup Geek before. Almost every youtube beauty guru seems to blending out with Peach Smoothie for a kick ass transitional colour.

Luckily for me I have some family that were in the states recently and brought me some treats home. In my bag of goodies were a hot pink Z Palette and nine Makeup Geek shadow pans. Very quickly, if you’ve never heard of Z Palettes they are a magnetised palette that you simply slip a metal base pan into. They come in loads of colours, sizes, and finishes, and they also include sticky metal finishes to pop onto any product that you depot that isn’t in a metal casing.

MUG10K on with the review. You can see my complete palette above. There are nine shadows in there and pretty much all are Makeup Geek except for one M.A.C. Soft Brown shadow. I have an extra Peach Smoothie shadow put away because I reckon it’ll be my most used shadow.


First Impressions – 10/10

If you browse the MUG website you will be amazed at the work that has gone into it. Their founder Marlena is constantly updating the site with makeup tips, inspirational blogs and tutorial videos. Pick any colour shadow and there is numerous different ideas on how to use it on her site. Then once you get onto picking what you want you are truly spoilt for choice, not to mention in for a massive bargain! Each shadow pan is $5.99, that’s about £3.70 to us over here in the UK, hot damn!! The choice of colours is mind-blowing with there being multiple M.A.C. dupes as well as one of kind colours.

Performance – 8/10

I gotta say these shadows are pretty incredible for the price. In comparison to M.A.C. they are not far off in quality. They have amazing pigmentation and blend out beautifully. The only downfall for me is that not every shadow is a 10/10. Some are a little chalky and take a little too much building for my liking, Envy and Peacock I’m looking at you. But then you swatch something like Corrupt and it’s the truest black I have ever laid eyes on!




Overall – 9/10

Like I say they swatch incredibly well with the exception of Envy and Peacock which are far too chalky for my liking. That being said these shadows are still pretty incredible, especially for the price. You can see from the M.A.C. Soft Brown swatch that I included that a lot of the shadows are on par with M.A.C., they only fall short on the small unpredictability of the odd shadow, something I’ve never had a problem with at M.A.C. But honestly guys if you’re looking to get your shadow collection off to a good start, or even trying to expand your colour range then you need to give these shadows some attention.

Have you tried them? What did you think?

Sonya D x


12 thoughts on “Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

  1. I have been wanting to try out these popular Makeup Geek eyeshadows for quite a while now 🙂 I will definitely have to purchase some, they look great! I feel that certain MAC eyeshadows are not very pigmented either, but hey there will always be hits and misses with any makeup brand x Great post ❤ -Talia xo

  2. Love your style of writing! You just make me want to keep on reading and I never get bored. I have heard so much about Make Up Geek on YouTube, like you say, but didn’t know how that would work with us being in the UK an’ all. So much more affordable than the MAC refills. Rosemary x

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