The cleanser Vogue has been raving about for 15 years!!

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If you were to google ‘worlds best cleanser’ I’d bet my bottom dollar Eve Lom’s cleansing balm would come up. Voted best in show for over 15 years by Vogue itself, it appears it is the best you can get. If you’ve never heard of Eve Lom then let me fill you in.

Czech-born Eve Lom started her carer as a facialist before launching her own skin care empire back in 1985. Eve herself will tell you that when she started out the only thing available was cleanse, tone, moisturise. Well she has certainly changed all that. Eve is a massive fan of exfoliation, skin massage and minimal moisturiser. Apparently you should never moisturise your T-Zone as it over-clogs your face, who knew?!

A 100ml pot of Eve’s renowned cleansing balm will set you back around £55.00, so is it worth it?

First up I need to mention the mixed feelings about her ingredients. The biggest one being mineral oil, a cheap ingredient that will potentially clog your pores, cause a break out or give you dull listless skin. Now I am usually the first to sing the praises of natural products and before being gifted my Eve Lom set would never have considered putting mineral oil on my face but…

This stuff is freaking awesome, I.LOVE.IT!

It doesn’t just contain mineral oil, there is other good stuff in it too. The cleanser has been designed to replace all your skin care steps with one product. So no need for further cleansers, toners or exfoliators. Apart from mineral oil there are lots of lovely natural products packed in. Clove Oil (has antiseptic properties to encourage clear skin), Eucalyptus Oil (helps drain away toxins), Hops Oil (tones), Egyptian Chamomile Oil (softens and soothes), Cocoa Butter (conditions).

It is basically a balm that smells very strongly of cloves, something I will admit that I had to get used to, you massage it into dry skin once a day at night for normal skin and twice a day for congested skin. Then you simply saturate the provided muslin cloth in clean warm water and massage it in circles over the face. Eve also advises immersing the cloth in cold water when you have finished and placing over the face to help close the pores. To be honest I don’t think you need the final step.

Apart from this daily ritual there is a facial technique that you can do twice a week to help improve drainage, circulation and muscle tone.

Overall I seriously cannot praise this amazing cleanser enough. My dry angry skin is calm, soft and bright. It may cost £55.00 a pot, and be something I would never have tried had I not been gifted a set but, it will definitely be a repurchase. The stuff lasts ages so you seriously get your moneys worth. I personally have never seen my skin look better and can see why Vogue rave about it so much!

If you want to try it you can get it from various place such as Space.NK and John Lewis but your best bet is Look Fantastic who usually have great sets on offer or fab discount codes, something that is unusual to see with Eve Lom products.

Sonya D x

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