MAC launch further Rihanna Viva Glam…


Today my friend Sarah needed a lip liner from MAC so I happily accompanied her. When we got there we could hear Rihanna blaring and straight away I thought there must be a new Viva Glam range hiding somewhere. I wasn’t wrong, at the front of the store was the new ‘A Novel Romance’ collection. Now I must admit that the ‘A Novel Romance/Colour’ collection is not really my cup of tea.

I wandered on into the shop and noticed a couple of the MUA’s playing with a pretty amazing looking lipglass. They were layering a metallic/steely/iridescent/purple gloss over a black eyeliner. My curiosity was immediately piqued. The gloss is part of Rihanna’s new Viva Glam collection and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before…


When swatched it kind of looks like a plain old gloss that has only a little sparkle in. However if you layer it over a matt pencil or after applying your lippy pop a little in the middle of your lips for an ombré effect you’ll see it really come to life! The shade above is Rihanna 2 and is already sold out online! Fear not because there are 3 other lip products to choose from. The other gloss (Rihanna) is a gorgeous sparkly red and I am absolutely in love with it. Apart from the two lipglasses there are two lippies. The first a gorgeous red (Rihanna) and the second is apparently a steely/brown shade (Rihanna 2). Now I say apparently because as you can see from the pic above it was missing from todays launch. The Rihanna lippy will have a launch day of its own and will hit the shops tomorrow!

Now apart from the excitement of the new Viva Glam range I also had some more empty eyeshadow cases, six to be exact. If you saw my Back 2 MAC post you’ll know that means only one thing…free lipstick, oooooohh yeah boi!!

So I went for, drum roll please…ANGEL!


ANGEL is one of those classic shades that I very much doubt MAC will ever discontinue. It falls into the Frost range and is a perfect pinky/nude that looks incredible on literally any skin tone. That’s not why it’ll never be discontinued though. It was seen on Kim Kardashian’s pout on a regular basis back in the day, thus giving it cult status.


I mean you can see from this simple swatch the beauty that is ANGEL. As for the Rihanna lipglass like I say it doesn’t look like anything special, until you layer it over a lipliner or lipstick and then it really comes to life. I reckon I’ll do a tutorial with some ombré looks so you can see its true potential.

Sonya D x

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