OK I admit it, I love the ELECTRIC PALETTE!

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I remember writing back in March that I wasn’t excited by this palette, my first thoughts on the idea of the Electric Palette were that it would be garish and over the top. Right then I suppose it’s time for me to get eating some cake because I was totally wrong!

This palette is kick ass! It’s bananas how you can achieve so many different looks from the 10 colours included. Yes I admit it’s not something you can wear every day, well not me anyhow, and also you do need another palette of neutrals for transitional colours and highlighters. All that said though if you love a pop of colour or being creative with your eye makeup then this is a must for your collection.

The palette is made up of 10 super pigmented shadows that are beyond buttery and blendable. The amount you can do with this palette is insane and there are only 3 negatives I need to mention.

1. Although here in the UK the palette is deemed safe for use near the eyes the same can’t be said in the US. Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban are listed on the back of US packs as not safe for use near the eye area. Hmmmmmm be careful guys and carry out swatch tests before going to town with this palette. Here’s what Urban decay have to say on the matter…

“We created the Electric Pressed Pigment Palette with artistry in mind. Using pressed pigments was the only way for us to create heavily saturated brights with the intense pigment load we craved. Traditional eyeshadow formulas just wouldn’t cut it. To achieve shades like these, we started with our existing Eyeshadow formula and modified it to create a new Pressed Pigment formula.
Everywhere but the U.S., the Electric Palette is an eyeshadow palette. Because of a technicality, in the U.S. it’s considered a multiuse artistry palette. To get the most out of this palette, experiment and see what works for you. You can use the Electric Palette all over (and that’s where the creativity comes in!).
A few shades contain a colorant that has not yet been approved for the use around the immediate eye area. However, this restriction only applies in the U.S.; in every other country where Urban Decay is sold, these shades are approved for use around the eyes.
Bottom line? We didn’t want to limit the Electric Palette to eyeshadow. It’s an artistry palette with unlimited possibilities! How you use these shades is up to you. (And no matter where you use them, you’ll get insane colour payout.)”.


2. Now as I said all the shadows are super pigmented and have amazing colour pay off, that is except for one, CHAOS! Although a gorgeous matt blue, this shadow is a little chalky and needs too much building for my liking.

3. Some of the ultra bright shadows such as SAVAGE and URBAN will leave a stain behind that you’ll find difficult to get off even with eye makeup remover.

OK then enough waffling, have a little look at the gorgeous shadows for yourself…


Can you see how patchy and chalky CHAOS looks? This is after building it too, not good! Apart from those few very minor points this palette is pretty perfect. Like I say I know it doesn’t have any transitional colours or good highlighting shadows but guys…it’s an Electric palette, they can’t really go including soft browns and shimmery nudes can they? That’s what the NAKED palettes are for!

Anyhow I finally got around to having a little play with this palette today and was beyond thrilled with the results, what do you guys think?



I used pretty much just the Electric palette for all my colours. The only others I used were NAKED (transitional colour) and VIRGIN (brow highlight) from the NAKED palette. What about you guys, have you done any looks with this palette? If so leave me your links I’d love to have a look. Also if you wanna see a tutorial on this look holla at me in the comments below.

Sonya D x

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