Tutorial: Purple and silver smoke thang!

Hmmmm sorry about the title but I have no idea how to describe this look I created using pretty much just the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. UD usually do a seasonal limited edition palette around Christmas and this was last years. It’s a pretty over the top palette, well I thought it was until I saw the Electric palette. If you wanna see a review on the palette holla at me in the comments and I’ll pop one up.


Annnnnyway, as autumn is fast approaching or here already and the shops are soon to be going Christmas bananas, I thought I’d do a few tutorials using some of the previous palettes I’ve bought at this time of year. I know I often look at these palettes and wonder when the hell I’ll wear them, so if you’re like me you might find a few ideas here. K then let’s get into it…


  1. Eye primer, your choice. Mines UD Primer Potion
  2. UD Vice 2 Palette or 4 shadows, matt peachy brown, light purple, dark purple and silver.
  3. Black Eyeliner, again your choice. Mines Benefit’s Push Up Liner.
  4. False lashes of your choice (optional)
  5. Mascara of your choice. I used Benefit’s They’re Real in this tutorial

purple and silver tutorial 0281. OK you know the drill, prime all the way up to your brown bone and under the lower lashes.

purple and silver tutorial 0312. For your transitional colour sweep some matt peachy brown shadow through your crease and blend out with a fluffy brush. I used a mix of Dope and Rewind.

purple and silver tutorial 0453. Next I went over that same area with a light purple shade, I used Betrayal from my Vice 2 but if you don’t have this exact shadow you can go for any light purple, matt or shimmery will do.

purple and silver tutorial 0714. K there’s a few steps in this pic. I went into my outer crease with a darker purple (voodoo) and blended out. I then pressed a sparkly silver shadow (Shellshock) onto my lid. I then popped every shade I used on my upper lid (in the order I used them)  under the outer 2/3 of my lower lash line. On the inner part of my lash line/tear duct I applied some more Shellshock.

purple and silver tutorial 0815. I then went in with my usual big ass catflick/wing and popped on some lashes. My lashes are Amazing Shine 747’s in medium. Finally I coated all my lashes with a little mascara…

…and there you have it my finished look!


So lovelies I hoped this gave you an idea on how you can put these over the top palettes to good use. Now excuse me whilst I go and sort my dreadful barnett out.

Sonya D x

26 thoughts on “Tutorial: Purple and silver smoke thang!

  1. Woah your eyes look amazing! The eyeliner and falsies/mascara make a huuuge difference, pity I’m a sucker at both. I cannot for the life of me get liquid liner to work even though I have that super simple twist-up liner pen by Benefit (I think it’s the Push Up you said you used, I’m awful with remembering make up branding though) and I know mascara is pretty much stage 1 of a gal’s step into the make up world, but I honestly can’t coat my lashes without getting it all over my face, so usually it’s not worth the hassle. I’ve tried so many different formulae and I know you’re probably thinking of one right now that you’re like “yes, Rosemary would totally get on with this mascara!” but honestly, I’ve been down all avenues. I’ve just had to chuck on the falsies. Don’t know what I would do without false lashes. This look is so lovely though; I always think anything but a neutral eye is so hard to pull off. You do an amazing job! Elephant lady X


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