Tutorial: Every day eye using the NAKED 1

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t get my usual Weds post up but I’ve been on nights this week, boooooooo… Anyhow I have big news, I will hopefully be launching my makeup artist website in the next month. It’ll be choc full of selfies (obvs) and lots of my work on various other people. MUA wise there’s also loads of exciting plans for magazine shoots and the like so watch this space…eek!

On a similar tip a good friend of mine keeps telling me to post more tutorials on my blog so I thought I’d give it a whirl and see if you guys like it?! I have loads of posts in the work, lip art, crazy eye looks and extreme contouring so let me know what you wanna see guys. Today I thought I’d start with my lazy go to everyday look. A muted neutral eye with a big ass cat flick.

You will need:

  1. An eye primer of your choice. Mines the UD primer potion
  2. NAKED 1 Palette, or for those of you on a budget an MUA Undressed 1 palette from Superdrug
  3. Black eye liner, again your choice. Mine’s the Benefit push up liner
  4. Mascara obvs, I’m flexin CHANEL Inimitable for this look

cult-classics-055K then let’s get the show on it, this shadow application is idiot proof, I did it after all

e1 1. I primed the whole upper eye area, right up to my brow bone and under my lower lashes
2. For my transitional colour I mixed a little Naked and Buck and swept them through my crease with a fluffy brush

e23. I mixed Hustle and Toasted and applied it to my outer crease in a V shape, and blended with my same fluffy brush
4. I then pressed some Sidecar on the inner 2/3 of my lid


5. I applied a little Sin to my tear duct and brow bone, not too much, just enough that it catches your eye in the light
6. I set about creating my cat flick, yours doesn’t need to be this big if you prefer a more subtle approach
7. Finally I curled my lashes and applied a slick of mascara

Et Voilá, my full face, sorry about the bags guys but I have just finished nights.

e4Now I kept it pretty muted, well except for the cat flick. For a more dramatic effect you can go in with more layers and lashes and you’ll end up with something like this…



Guys if there’s any celeb looks you want me to re-create or any ideas for looks you fancy, holla at me in the comments and I’ll be happy to oblige!

Sonya D x

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