Dramatic MAC lippies!

Any of you that saw my Back 2 MAC post will know that I have been planning on exchanging my empties for some new lippies. With the statement eye/lip trend in full swing I’m in desperate need of some drama in my lipstick collection. So my lovelies here are my current faves…IMG_8082

violetta copy

Firstly lets start with Rebel, a gorgeous plum(y), red(y), pinky(y), mauve shade depending on how the light catches it. I chose this shade for an ombre look that I’ll be showcasing in Sept. It comes in a satin finish that in my book should be re-named a stain! Guys do not wear this lipstick if you are in work the next day because you will be left with bright purple lips. Even swatching it leaves a faint pink mark that looks unfortunately like a burn!

Next up is my current fave Violetta. This shade is so beautiful, kind of like a two toned purple that is similar to the Stars and Rockets shadow. Now although this lipstick is part of the Amplified range, it usually is only available to Pro members. Luckily for those of you without a pro card MAC have made a few of the pro line lippies available to everyone for a limited time.


Since Adam Burrell applied Violetta to Perrie Edwards lips in the Little Mix video Move it has been a cult classic. Up until now it’s been unavailable to most of the general public, however it is now up for grabs, but for a limited time only. Quick go get one now!

Sonya D x

5 thoughts on “Dramatic MAC lippies!

  1. Yay! I love MAC lippies! I have both Rebel and Violetta. I recently got Violetta thanks to my empties and I try and find any excuse to wear it! I love Rebel on a night out, it makes me feel like Rihanna, I think its sultry! I also recently picked up Verve, its got a real 90’s vibe and will be great as we move in to Autum. Another fave of mine is Flat Out Fabulous – a vibrant matte pink! Check them out 🙂 xx

  2. Violetta is beyond gorgeous! Need a high street dupe at the moment though, moving house is draining my finances!

    Sarah | seriouslyshallow.blogspot.com

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