Tom Ford Dupe…

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I have had my eye on Tom Ford’s Blush in Wicked for ages now. The only problem…its £46.00 price tag, ouch! Now if I were a millionaire with money to waste I may consider parting with that much cash for a blusher, as however I’m an everyday girl that works as a nurse I definitely do not have that amount of cash to throw at a single blusher.

Now that being said it is a gorgeous blusher with a beautiful pinky/pearly effect that is really striking. Yesterday I swatched it for like the 100th time and then wandered over to MAC. I was curious to see if there was anything similar in their collection. Immediately my eyes fell to a beautiful rich pink blush named Dollymix. After swatching it next to Tom Ford’s Wicked I was thrilled to see it is near but identical! See for yourself…

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You can see MAC Dollymix on the left and Tom Ford Wicked on the right. Now I will admit that Dollymix is ever so slightly lighter but with a bit of building there really isn’t that much difference. The main clincher for me is that when you move around you can see a beautiful two toned pearly effect that is what drew me to the Tom Ford blush in the first place. Now for the best bit…it’s £18.00. Yes you heard me right, £18.00, making it £28.00 cheaper, you really can’t argue with that!

Sonya D x

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