MAC eye shadows, best in show…

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When I was younger I absolutely loved sticker books. Anything that involves collecting has always been exciting for me. As you get older though the novelty of sticker books, Pokemon and Moshi Monsters kind of loses its appeal. People start asking you what you like collecting? Owls? Pigs? Vases? HaHa anyone that knows me will know only too well that my answer will always be makeup! So when I was bought an empty pro palette from MAC I was ridiculously excited.

The palettes come in various sizes, mines the large pro palette and costs £14.00. Then you can purchase the insert you want. I went for the large eyeshadow insert that only costs £2.50! Now this might seem a lot to drop on an empty palette but I promise it’ll be worth it in the long run.

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For starters the ‘normal’ MAC eye shadows are usually £13.00 a pop. However if you buy a Pro Palette Refill Pan they’re only £10.00 each. By the time you have collected 15 normal shadows individually you will have dropped £195.00. However if you opt to buy the palette and fill it slowly with pro pans you will only end up spending £166.50, that’s a total saving of £28.50!#blogAug2 042#blogAug2 043Now I do realise that this sounds like a massive amount of money to spend on eye shadows but when you consider they are full size it really isn’t. Most palettes that you buy are not full-sized and the colours are predetermined, hence the cheaper price tag. When it comes to making your own palettes you can do it at a number of places including Bobbi Brown and MAC and it will always cost more than predetermined palettes that you can’t refill.

That’s why I have been working on my palette for years and years. I have been picking my fave colours for as long as I can remember. Everytime I get a gift voucher I am down MAC swatching their eye shadows in an attempt to find the perfect colour to add to my collection. I think this particular palette has taken me around 5 years to complete, like I say it takes a lot of time and patience to complete these. If you are a MAC eye shadow junkie like me though it’ll be one of your most prized possessions. Not to mention that lugging around 15 individual shadows is annoying so having them all in one or two or three…palettes is sooooo much easier. Anyhow here’s the colours I chose…

#blogAug2 161From left to right: Stars & Rockets, Silver Ring, Satin Taupe, Sumptious Olive, Contrast

#blogAug2 167From left to right: Fig.1, Suave Intentions, Cranberry, Patina, Shale

#blogAug2 179From left to right: Aquadisiac, Artistic License, Nylon, Club, Vex

As you can see a lot of the colours I have chosen are two-toned shadows. I do have a lot of matt shades too but for this particular palette I wanted the two-toned/shimmery effect. The beauty of these colours are that when you layer them together or blend them they take on a whole different look. I’ll be posting a few tutorials in the next few weeks on different looks you can create with these colours. Until then let me know what you think I’m missing and what are your faves?

Sonya D x

20 thoughts on “MAC eye shadows, best in show…

  1. I love MAC shadows and I totally agree with you about the pro palette. Single shadows just seem to get lost in the drawer don’t they? Have you tried the pre-filled pro palettes? The MAC Warm eyeshadow palette gets a lot of love from me!

  2. Okay so when I first saw your palette I was like woahhhh you could face paint with those colours! Especially because I have juuust made myself my own MAC palette and I am all nudes and neutrals. But seriously, the swatches are gorgeous and I think definitely worth the hard five years you spent. When I worked out the total cost after I bought my palette I almost fell to the floor and now it is in my cupboard refusing to be used, but it was nice to choose all my own colours. Cranberry is so lovely. Sorry it’s been so long and I’ve been away from blogging, Twitter, etc. Just been prancing about on my jollies! Hope you’re doing well Sonya. Rosemary x

  3. Amazing colours!! I have just started my palette but like you am going to spend birthday/xmas money and vouchers in mac and get a good collection on the go 🙂 these make me very happy haha xx

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