Finally…Perfect Nails

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Now I have to admit that I am not really a massive nail obsessive. I’ve always had the most crappy, weak, short nails. Combine this with the soap I use at work and they end up peeling like mad. To be honest I’ve never seen the point in bothering with them. The minute I ever paint them they are literally chipped within the hour!

I was chatting to a colleague about how painful my nails were as they kept splitting and she mentioned Perfect Formula gel coat. Perfect Formula are based over in the states but in the UK you can get their products from QVC or Sephora. There are loads to chose from so I went for the gel coat to try and ‘reinforce’ my nails. Here’s what they say…

The “Suit of Armor” for your nails. Just one coat will make them strong, hard and beautiful. Pink Gel Coat creates a sheer pink protein rich coatings which instantly strengthens, seals and protects natural nails so they can grow strong and long. Pink Gel Coat contains an optical brightener that will bring out the natural color in your nail bed and filter out any yellow appearance in the nail. Nails immediately appear fresh clean and healthy. They will look like you had a French Manicure.

Since using this product I have seen a massive difference in my nails. I have to be totally honest though, the strength of my nails is very improved but only when I have applied my gel coat. When I don’t have it on my nails are their usual brittle self. For this reason I have been applying it a few times a week and my nails have for the first time ever become long and elegant. 

Another thing I’ve noticed is that once it’s on my nails are smooth, ridge free and look like I’ve buffed them to perfection as opposed to having a clear polish on. They peel a lot less and as claimed they look beautiful and bright, even kind of like they are under a UV light in the daylight. Every now and then I still get some splits in my nails but nothing like I did before. I find though that if I apply OPI Nail Envy underneath my nails really are mega strong and grow so much more.

So although this is marketed as a gel coat, for me it really is just an amazing clear polish that looks stunning in the daylight. You can take it off easily with normal nail polish remover, and if you buy the clear version you can apply it over your other nail polishes to help avoid chipping and again get that ‘suit of armour’ effect. You can also get other gel coats in gorgeous colours such coral and taupe. I was lucky enough to get a kit containing two pink coats, a clear coat, a coral coat, a taupe coat and a daily moisture cuticle treatment. Rather than squeezing them into one post I’ll be reviewing them each separately so you can decide for yourself whether or not to invest in a kit or just buy the products that appeal to you.

On the whole I have fallen in love with this product and never want to be without it. I do feel that you need a great nail strengthener underneath though to get maximum benefit, but you wont find anything else that will give you the beautiful finish the pink gel will give you. The amount of people that comment on my nails now is ridiculous and so many have gone and gotten themselves some with great results.

What about you guys, have you ever tried Perfect Formula or anything similar?

Sonya D x

4 thoughts on “Finally…Perfect Nails

  1. That stuff seems amazing, I love how shiny it is! I have horrible nails so I have overlays all the time now…its the only way I can keep the length! xx

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