September issues…

#Sept Issues 013 008The importance of September issues rose to prominence in RJ.Cutler’s 2009 fashion documentary The September Issue. The docu was based over at Condé Nast and followed Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintor and her staff as they prepared the 2007 September issue. Now from the docu it’s plain see  that this is the most important issue of the year. What isn’t clear however is why…

It’s not just the September issues of Vogue that are sized liked telephone books. Just about every fashion magazine is super sized in fashions most important month. The poor postman must have the worst back ache lugging about all those subscriptions! Anyhow I digress, so just why exactly are the September issues so massive? Well as I said before it’s fashions most important month.

It’s the month that the new collections are showcased through amazing shoots. Every issue is packed full of ads from every major fashion house in the land, and the ads you see are not your ordinary ads, if there is such a thing!  Ostentatious is the only word that can be applied to the breath-taking shoots that advertise the new collections.

A lot of people wonder why the March issue isn’t as big a deal? I mean sure it is a big deal and is a pretty hefty magazine but nowhere near the proportions of  September’s. The only reason I can think of is accessories! I mean in summer we love our sandles, jewellery and bags, but in autumn…shoes, boots, bags, belts, coats… For a lot of people this is the time of year we spend on updating our wardrobes. Summer may see us by a few bits for our holidays but autumn see’s us looking for new back to school, work, outfits. In short it’s the time of year that most people drop more money on their wardrobes. As a result the advertising in the September issues is bananas and the publishing companies invest a lot of change to make their issues the most glittering jewel in the publishing world.

This year my hands down fave cover is UK Vogue. The covers are always a big deal with celebs and models in the race to land them. This year I was thrilled to see Cara Delevingne on the cover of UK Vogue. Don’t get me wrong I do occasionally like seeing a celeb on the front of fashion magazines but I grew up in the 90’s, the decade of the Super Model. For me a fashion cover isn’t the same if a Super Model isn’t on it, but that’s just my opinion!

Have you bought any September issues yet? If so tell me which was your fave and also who was your fave cover star?

Sonya D x

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