The Perfect Brush Set!

#BlogAug 139 #BlogAug 185 #BlogAug 146This set is something I’ve been wanting to post about for ages. The reason I didn’t is because to my knowledge they have been sold out over here in the UK. Well I finally found them in stock over at love-makeup, so I present you…the Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set. Sigh! Oh my days, guys this set seriously is beautiful. It includes 8 brushes that are presented in a gorgeous brown leatherette and rose gold clutch, which is then enclosed in a dust ruffle. A dust ruffle, for makeup brushes, I mean!!

The clutch is gorgeous and even has a little pocket inside so you could use it on a night out or for travelling. The 8 brushes included are so amazing I could gush about them all day. Firstly the design is just incredible, chunky brown handles with rose gold detail that makes me think of the Tom Ford brushes, only I prefer these. Each brush has printed on it; what it’s for, the Zoeva insignia and their tag line…colour, love makeup. Each brush is so plush and soft, they apply makeup like a dream and are some of the best quality brushes I have ever used. OK so let me break down what kind of brushes are included.

#BlogAug 168106/Powder – this is one of the softest most beautiful brushes I’ve ever used. It has long bristles that dust off powder beautifully without disturbing your carefully applied foundation.

102/Silk Finish – Oh my life, this brush is so amazing. It’s kind of like the Real Techniques Expert Face brush, ultra firm and perfect for buffing in foundation for that airbrushed look. This brush however is far superior, it’s so soft and feels delicate against the skin. This is also a substantial size for a foundation brush so it gets the job done in no time.

110/Face Shape – This is a smaller version of the 102 brush. This brush has a multitude of uses but I love using it to blend my cream contouring products in.

127/Luxe Sheer Cheek –  This lovely blusher brush is so fluffy and soft. It picks up the perfect amount of product  and applies so lightly and beautifully. It’s also a perfect dupe for the MAC 167.

#BlogAug 160317/Wing Eyeliner – Another lovely little brush that will apply eyeliner perfectly or alternatively you can use it to define your brows with powder products.

231/Petit Crease – This is a fab crease brush, a fab concealer brush, a fab lay down brush, a fab highlighter brush. I need more…

227/Luxe Soft Definer – Now this is the most perfect dupe for the famous MAC 217 brush I have ever found. Hmmmmm 217, 227, easy to get confused there isn’t it. Anyhow, there is no better eyeshadow blending brush than the MAC 217, so anything that comes close is a winner in my book.

142/Concealer Buffer – Another brush very similar to the 102 and 110 but in miniature. This is a great concealer brush but you may find it hard to get into the corners of your eyes. Those of you that love MUFE Aqua Eyes pots or MAC Paint Pots will love this brush for applying them.

Now everyone has different ideas of what a perfect set would include. This set is exactly what I would choose. You could literally pick this up and be good to go. Yeah you could add another eyeliner brush, a few more blenders and a bronzer/kabuki but honestly, this is all you need to get started. Now the fact that it comes in around £50 is just mind blowing to me. I mean you can pay that for one brush over at Tom Ford and it wouldn’t be as soft and lovely as any of these!. Apart from the fact that this set is so beautiful, the bag and dust ruffle are lovely extra touches, the actual quality of the brushes is incredible. MAC, Sigma and the like have been ruling the roost for years but I’m telling you Zoeva are seriously in the running for the best brush crown!

#BlogAug 125Guys if you need a new set I can’t recommend Zoeva enough. Alternatively if you’re looking for a gift for the girl who has anything then this is the perfect answer, present her this and she’ll over the moon, I know I was!

Sonya D x


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