The Product Every Makeup Bag Needs…

#BlogAug 408

#BlogAug 338Every now and then an amazing eyeshadow comes along and totally changes everything. OK I admit this may sound a tad a dramatic but really it’s true! One such eyeshadow is MAC’s Artistic License. This eyeshadow is part of the Moody Blooms collection and might look underwhelming in the pan. I have depotted mine as you can see bottom right in the picture. Swatch it though and the amazingness is unleashed.

#BlogAug 314As you can see on its own Artistic License is a beautiful pearlescent coral/gold. Now as this is one of MAC’s Veluxe Pearl shadows, depending on how the light  hits it, depicts the effect you will see. You can even use this wet for an amazing metallic finish.

Now don’t get me wrong on its own this shadow is gorgeous, but that’s not why I love it so much. The reason I adore it, is its ability to transform almost every eye shadow in my collection. If you apply a wash of this shadow under your other shadows you will unleash the most beautiful hybrid.

#BlogAug 318Point and case one of my fave ever MAC shadows, FIG 1. On its own it’s a beautiful matte purple that looks striking enough, layer it over Artistic License however and it’s a whole other look. Honestly I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a MAC product since I discovered Sharkskin!

What about you guys, do you know of anything similar? I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for a good dupe!

Sonya D x

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