The Invisible Foundation

#mu 095I’m sure most of you know that I am a massive Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk fan. So big a fan in fact, that I sent my Dad on a mission across Florida looking for my shade that is unavailable in the UK…what a legend! On the hunt for a back up that I can get in the UK, I tried the much raved about Makeup Forever HD Foundation when I was in Abu Dhabi.

Oh my days it is incredible, as are all the Makeup Forever products I’ve tried. This foundation is dubbed the ‘invisible foundation’. Guys I can happily report it totally is. I put it on and my complexion looks bright, even and absolutely flawless, without looking like I have a stitch of makeup on.

There are 26 shades to chose from so I expect that the collection will have the perfect shade for everyone. The only problem is that there are no Makeup Forever counters in the UK…damn it I’ve done it again!! Luckily there are a few places you can get it from in the UK so all isn’t lost. Makeup Forever if you are reading this please, pleeeeeeaaaaaase open some counters over here in the UK.

Sonya D x


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