Glossybox Review: July 2014

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#BlogAug 268 #BlogAug 277OK I do realise that I’m late to the Glossy party this month but in my defence my box was mega late! This months box has a stars and stripes theme, in honour of July 4th I expect. As you can see it’s not only the box that’s in keeping with the theme, but also the contents too. Lets dive right in then shall we…

Color Club Glossy Seal –  Another box another, nail product. I said it last month and I’ll say it again, chill out with all the nail products Glossy. I mean yes this polish is nice, it goes on lovely, is made in NYC with cruelty free products, and is an exclusive shade especially for us Glossy subscribers, but…I’m sick of nail polishes. Please Glossy think of something else next month.

Juice Beauty Green apple SPF 15 Moisturizer – Now this product is lovely and thick and smells so fresh and nice but…it’s £35.75 for 50ml! I mean come on! Again this is a lovely product and very nourishing, but worth the price? NO! I was sent a very similar product by a company called Pravera. They also supply only organic and natural products. They stock a range of Lavera products and their Organic all round moisturising cream is a great alternative to the Juice Beauty one. It even smells similar and costs a fraction of the price at £6.95 for 150ml! The only difference I can see is that it doesn’t have an SPF in it.

Bellápierre Cosmetics Ltd Mineral Lipstick in Ruby – Just gorgeous! I love, love, love Bellápierre products and am so excited to receive another this month. Everything from the CHANEL like quilted packaging to the buttery formula makes this lipstick a massive hit for me. Now it may be listed as costing £20 on the Glossy leaflet but you can get them for £7.70 from lookfantastic. That’s a saving of 61%, get stocking up ladies!


Carmex Lip Balm – Oh good old Carmex. Anyone that’s tried it will know that it’s fab and anyone that hasn’t, well you’re in for a treat!

Absolute New York Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer – Good shout for putting this in Glossy. Something missing from a lot of makeup bags is an eyeshadow primer. I personally have ridiculous amounts and am pretty happy with my Holy Grail Urban Decay one. I will definitely put this to the test though and report back.

All in all I was quite pleased with this months box. There were even a few bits that are definitely good enough to go straight into my pro makeup kit. But glossy seriously, give the nail polishes a rest next month, please!

So guys, did you get the same as me or something different? I hear there were some kick ass mascaras sent out…I wish I could swap my polish for one of those!

Sonya D x


4 thoughts on “Glossybox Review: July 2014

  1. my glossybox for july was completely different from yours!! must be because i’m in new york 🙂 great post ❤

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