EVE LOM Cuticle Cream

#DT 047#DT 078 #DT 084Any of you that read my blog regularly will know how I fiend after EVE LOM products. Voted the best cleanser on the planet by Vogue for more than 15 years Eve’s stuff is a cut above anything else on the market.

As my job as nurse requires massive amounts of hand washing with harsh products my skin is dry and horrible. As a consequence my cuticles are also dry and occasionally crack. I have been looking for something to help restore them to moisturised goodness for ages. Imagine my excitement then when I was gifted this gorgeous little pot of EVE LOM cuticle cream.

This stuff is seriously beautiful, a thick rich cream that smells so fresh and lovely. A tiny little bit of this greenish cream goes a long, long way making it’s £16 price tag a little more bearable. It massages in beautifully and leaves an oily residue, for that reason I apply it over night.

Two weeks of application has really helped to restore some kind of harmony to my cuticles. Obviously this is not going to do all the work. I have been using the Sally Hanson cuticle remover and also pushing my cuticles back once a week after I have applied my EVE LOM. On the whole though my cuticles are a lot less unsightly.

Have you guys tried the EVE LOM cuticle cream or do you have any other products you’re loving?

Sonya D x


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