DIY Lipstick Palette


104121123Some of you may know that I’ve been building a pro makeup kit ready for launching as an MUA at the end of summer. When I was organising I started looking up different ways to store my kit, you know me ever the organiser.

One idea I came across that I love is this DIY lipstick palette. All you need is a candle, a spoon, a knife, your lipstick and an empty palette. You can get them from loads of companies, MAC, Japonesque, Camera Secrets, mines from Vueset. Then all you do is:

  1. Chop the lipstick onto a spoon
  2. Heat slowly over a candle until liquified
  3. Pour into your empty palette
  4. Allow to stand and set

I love this little palette, it’s so convenient and handy to carry around. I even have a few spaces left for some other colours. I usually get lippies in my glossybox so if they send me anymore great colours I might add them to the collection.

Sonya D x


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