Be kind to your skin

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#blog2 242Does anyone else find shower gel shopping annoying? The rows and rows on offer in Boots are totally over facing for me. What I choose used to be based on how they smelt and what offer was on. Since returning from holiday however my skin has been itchy and dry.

That’s right my lovely suntan comes at a cost. No matter how safe I was in the sun I still caught it, and although I didn’t peel my skin is dry and flaky. For that reason I want to be really careful about what I put on it. Lately there’s been a massive amount of focus on those nasty parabens and mineral oils that are found in most of our cosmetics. As you know I’m a sucker for organic and natural ingredients in my cosmetics.

I have tried various other natural shower products but have never found one I like…until now! Enter *Organii Shea Butter shower gel. First of all I love the happy little milk bottle looking packaging…haaaa does that even make sense? Anyways I lurve the packaging. Next the actual shower gel is lovely and gentle. As you can see it contains 99.5% natural ingredients, making it gorgeous for your skin, and unlike some other natural bathing products I have tried it actually leaves my skin feeling lovely, soft and clean.

The range comes in loads of other ‘flavours’ strawberry, argan oil, peach, even liquorice and aloe vera! Not to mention the range of cream and liquid  soaps. Ummm what to get next?

Oh and ps: for any of you travelling or attending a festival/camping trip in the near future, I can highly recommend the *Organyc Wet Wipes. They are 100% organic cotton, smell divine and leave you feeling as fresh as a daisy!

Sonya D x

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