Laura Mercier Travel Brush Set

#blogjuly 134 #blogjuly 142 #blogjuly 155Something I’ve been meaning to share for ages is the Laura Mercier Luxe Travel Brush Set. This set was actually a limited edition holiday set. If you weren’t lucky enough to get one for Christmas I believe you can still get it half price in the Space.NK sale.

This really is a gorgeous set, it includes 5 brushes, 4 of which are double ended. You get a full-size cheek colour brush, as well as double ended; secret camouflage/camouflage powder brush, all over eye colour/ ponytail brush, eye crease/ smudge brush and flat eye liner/angled eyeliner brush. You also get a gorgeous clutch-like box bag that has a mesh container that attaches with a magnetised strip.

All the brushes are lovely and plush and are a pretty good size for a travel set. The 9 brushes they have included are actually perfect and apart from a foundation and powder brush are all you need for a weekend away, not to mention you can use the little box clutch on a night out. Seriously if I wasn’t so skint I would be snapping these up for Christmas presents.

Sonya D x




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