Catwalk eyeshadows

#blogjuly 182 #blogjuly 201#blogjuly 186 #blogjuly 192 #blogjuly 210Since I attended the Dior masterclass in Covent Garden I have been dreaming about two of the most beautiful eyeshadows I have ever seen. You may have seen that the Dior Autumn/Winter 14 catwalk featured rather a lot of gold eyebrows. I remember seeing the show and thinking that they must have used some special paste/gel to get the shimmering brows. When I attended the masterclass though they explained that they actually used the Sequins eyeshadow and a little primer…genius!

I remembering eyeballing the gorgeous Sequins and Swan shadows and having to hold myself back from snatching them up. Sequins is a beautiful shimmering gold and Swan is a stunning ethereal silver. On the day however I reasoned with myself that I must have plenty of shadows that are near but identical to these two. After swatching my whole collection I realised that I didn’t have anything like them.

These two shadows are so shimmery and look different depending on which way the light catches them. They are beautiful finely milled shadows that blend perfectly. The packaging as with all Dior products is gorgeous, the only complaint I have is what is with those crappy sponge applicators? I mean come on, sponge applicators are the worst, even if they do have Dior on them! Dior seriously even M.A.C. supply nice little brushes with their shadows, sponge applicators are not good, especially with a premium product…sort it out!

Sonya D x


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