The most luxurious bubble bath you’ll ever have…

#blogjuly 128#blog2 153I have a new love in my life…Laura Mercier products. Seriously guys you cannot go wrong with anything from her line. Everything she makes is gorgeous and has a real luxurious quality to it.

For a really long time I have been dreaming about indulging in one of her milk and honey baths. The only problem(s) are the price and my sensitive skin. Well luckily for me I was treated to one of the luxe quartets from the Space.NK sale. Instead of £60 it was down to £30. #bargain #luckygirl

Anyways…you can imagine my excitement when I received this beautiful quartet. In the set you get the honey bath, body scrub and crème and a lovely candle. There are quite a few ‘flavours’ to choose from and they are all seriously beautiful. My fave however is the almond coconut, oh maaaaan it’s so gorgeous, it reminds me of my fave bakery G Weinholt’s in Alderley Edge. The amazing scent is so strong it tickles the nostrils, even before you unscrew the lid from the elegant thick cut glass jar.

The honey bath is so rich and comes with a lovely wooden stirrer, a little bit fills a huge bath with lovely soft bubbles. The body scrub is thick and gooey, it kind of reminds me of a rice pudding consistency. Don’t let that put you off though, it really is luxurious to use and smells every bit as beautiful as the honey bath and body crème. Speaking of which, the body crème is the most luxurious pot in the set. It’s so rich and creamy, it leaves my skin so soft and beautiful smelling, ummmmm….

I have spent so long contemplating these products and if they would irritate my skin, I needn’t have worried though. They may be rich and very strong-smelling but they are also very gentle and moisturising. I’m kicking myself for not trying them before! A honey bubble bath with the almond coconut candle burning, a copy of Vogue and a glass of prosecco is seriously the most relaxed I could get! Honestly guys if you haven’t smelt any of Laura’s beautiful body products you need to get down to your nearest concession pronto, because you’re seriously missing out!

Have any of you tried the Laura Mercier bath and body products? In fact have you guys tried any of her products? If so please let me know what are your faves?

Sonya D x

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