Beautiful falsies for less than £2!

011That’s right you heard me correctly, you can actually get your hands on beautiful lashes for less than £2!! Now I have been a falsie fan for longer than I care to share. Having mega straight giraffe lashes is not fun. I used to apply lashes day and night, until I came across Chanel Inimitable, now I just wear my falsies for special days and nights out.

Throughout the years I must have tried every false eyelash known to mankind. My fave brands are Shu Uemura, M.A.C., Ardell and Eylure. Personally I have very strict criteria for my falsies. They have to be natural looking, easy to apply and comfortable, there’s nothing worse than a falsie poking into the corner of your eye. I also hate those full on acrylic looking lashes that make you look like a doll that can’t keep it’s eyes open or an extra on TOWIE.

On average a good pair of lashes will set you back a minimum of £5.99 (eylure). M.A.C. lashes will set you back around £10.50 and Shu Uemura’s natural lashes start at around £14.00. That’s some serious change to be dropping on lashes, especially if you wear them a lot.

Personally I try to take really good care of my lashes so I can get a few uses out of them, but still they are costly. For a really long time I’ve been in a no win situation, cheaper lashes look just that, cheap. Not to mention the fact that they are extremely uncomfortable to wear and are very stiff so tend to come unstuck far too easily.

When I heard about Amazing Shine lashes I thought they sounded too good to be true. Natural, wispy, comfortable to wear and cheap…no chance. I was totally wrong though. Amazing Shine lashes are everything I listed above. I would say they are far better than any of the Ardell or Eylure lashes and just as good as the M.A.C. range.

I have never seen them in any shops so you need to get them online. The price varies massively from shop to shop so I get mine here. There are loads of styles to choose from, and once you have chosen your fave style you can even pick the length you want them in.

009Seriously guys these are the best lashes I have ever found, and the fact that they are only £2 a pop is ridiculous. It is worth noting though that they don’t come with glue so you need to stock up if you’re buying any. Personally I don’t think you can beat Duo glue. You can get it from the M.A.C. counter but I check out ebay and Amazon as it’s much cheaper on there.

I hope this saves some of you eyelash queens a few ££’s, it definitely has me!

Sonya D x



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